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WHO Ready To Help India Eliminate TB By 2025; Must Have Foods For TB Patients

After polio, India is committed to eliminating tuberculosis (TB) by 2025. In order to achieve this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is ready to help the country achieve the target by developing strategies in collaboration with the government to fight the deadly disease.

The World Health body has called on countries in South- East Asia Region to build on recent momentum aimed at ending TB by 2030, commending their resolve to take action and urging all countries to review and align national plans with the Delhi Call to Action issued in March.

"India is making commitments now, like we are talking about TB elimination in 2030, Maldives I think will be able to achieve it by 2020. India has announced they will be able to achieve it by 2025. So we are there to support our countries in achieving the targets they make for themselves," said Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO South- East Asia.

According to the WHO Global TB Report, it is estimated that India had 28 lakh tuberculosis cases in 2015 and 4.8 lakh people died due to the disease during the year.

Singh said, "WHO will help India to try to see that this goal is achieved and we are trying our best to see how we can develop strategies with the government and to address this problem which is prevalent in India."

"By planning effectively and making smart, high-impact interventions, countries across the South-East Asia Region can lift TB's significant burden and end the disease as a public health threat once and for all," Singh said.

Having a healthy diet helps prevent TB. Here is a list of few foods that TB patients need to have in order to recover fast.


Rich in vitamin C, fibre and other essential nutrients, having a small bowl of fruits everyday is important for those suffering from tuberculosis. It helps in providing the stamina that the body requires to fight the disease.


Dark green vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in iron content and B vitamin are a must have for those suffering from TB.

Low-fat Milk Products:

In order to meet the protein and fats required by the body to fight the disease, make it a point to include low-fat milk and milk products in your diet.

Whole Grains:

Whole grains are rich in fibre content and carbohydrates, that helps in providing them the needed energy to fight the disease.


Nuts are a rich source of good fats and are also rich in vitamin E. For those suffering from tuberculosis it is essential to add a handful of nuts every day to their daily diet.

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