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Women Delivery Executives Increased By 69 Percent; Now 67,900 Female Delivery Partners In India

Since many years, we have been seeing only men in the delivery business, be it food delivery or goods delivery. But now, the scenario has changed for good and women, too, are stepping on wheels and making their presence felt in delivery business.

According to a report, the total number of women as delivery executives was 40,000 in the year 2018-2019 and for the year 2019-2020, it has increased to 67,900 and is estimated to reach 75,000 by 2020-2021.

Organizations like Zomato and Swiggy have already recruited many women as delivery executives in the past few years and other organizations have also started following the trend. Women, on their own free will, are choosing this profession and leading the nation to a progressive path.

A spokesperson at Zomato said that the number of women applying for a delivery executive had suddenly increased in metro and smaller cities and this has led to an innovative and eco-friendly approach of delivering by cycles, for those women who don't know how to ride a bike.

Some women are even leaving their low pay 9-5 desk jobs as back-office employees or assistants and stepping into this digitized work.

What's wrong in this job when it is providing greater flexibility, better pay, and more working time autonomy? Precisely, no one would like to opt for traditional jobs when such better options are available.

Reena, a Zomato delivery executive told to press that she stepped into this job when her husband lost his job. "It was an unusual choice but I decided to give it a shot," said Reena. She added that every week she earns up to Rs 6000-6500 by delivering approximately 20 orders a day.

The best part about this job is the freedom to decide our own working hours, set our own targets and get higher pay accordingly. Moreover, it's a perfect job for one who loves visiting new people and travelling.

Another food delivery woman agent, Firdaus Ansari from Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) said to media that she left her job as a doctor's assistant and came into food delivery business. Now she attends her morning classes to focus on her dreams and meanwhile, delivers food after 1 pm or when the timing suits her.

Though digitization has opened new doors for women, their security has always been a concern among companies. Swiggy, which employed about 700 women as delivery executives said that they have specially designed 'safe zones' for women in over 20 cities.

"They work in shifts that end before 6 pm and operate in areas identified as safe zones," a company spokesperson said.

Menka Pakhare, a Zomato executive in Mumbai said, "Our location is tracked by area managers. The key is to keep someone informed".

Source: Times of India

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