Vaping vs Smoking: The Hidden Dangers of Smoking E-Cigarettes


What are you vaping right now?

Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

Is vaping sticky?

These are some of the popular questions on forums dedicated to the rising trend of smoking e-cigarettes (also called "vaping").

But don't be fooled by the claims that smoking vapes is harmless compared to the deadly effects of smoking regular cigarettes.

Because the reality is entirely different.

What is an E-cigarette?

An e-cigarette (or electronic cigarette) is basically a device that contains a tank full of nicotine-laced liquid that is heated up to 100-250oC by an atomizer to produce smokeless vapours of water mixed with minimal amounts of vapourized nicotine and flavour that you can inhale in through a mouthpiece.


A device that is touted to be an excellent alternative to smoking cigarettes, and a chain-smoker's friend in quitting the habit.

But is it really?

The Dangers of Vape Cigarettes

Australia is known to have the toughest regulations on tobacco and its products.

That's why when the e-cigarette companies Joystick, Elusion, and Social-Lite advertised that their products were free of all known carcinogens, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was not so sure of their claims.

So they ordered an independent research into the matter, which discovered that vapes, while not as dangerous as ordinary cigarettes, did contain formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, and acrolein in their vapours, which are known carcinogens and toxins.

And unfortunately for the vape sellers, these findings quickly landed all three at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

And the ACCC isn't the only team to have researched the harmful effects of e-cigarettes.

Dr. Miranda Ween of the University of Adelaide conducted one too.
But when she put up a poster with her research-findings at a medical conference, findings that exposed the toxic effects of overheated and vapourized flavoring agents found in the liquid of e-cigarettes, she was dismayed to find the poster vandalized and torn apart by unidentified conference attendees on the very first day.

An act that is attributed to the heated controversy within the medical fraternity over the matter of vaping.


Vaping: Who Has the Most to Lose?

Some believe e-cigarettes can help reduce the harmful habit of smoking tobacco and ultimately aid in quitting it altogether.

While others feel there are no long-term studies that can justify these claims and that nicotine, which is a known addictive substance, cannot help with deaddiction.

Nevertheless, what might be the biggest argument against vaping is the fact that big tobacco companies are often behind the "artisan" companies that sell e-cigarettes online.

A move that is believed to be a way for them to keep their profit margins intact, as countries around the world tighten tobacco laws and work towards eliminating smoking altogether.

But are they solely responsible for these misleading claims about vaping?

Not in the least.

Vaping vs Smoking: A Historical Perspective

There was a time when smoking was considered fashionable.


A time when doctors posed for tobacco ads and refuted the claims that smoking was responsible for the sudden increase in the prevalence of lung cancer across the nation.

A time when the public took decades to finally accept that smoking was dangerous.

And history is all set to repeat itself with vapes as the act of vaping is slowly becoming fashionable.

Maybe that's why passionate discussions are being held in vape forums over exotic flavors like Red Mist, Snake Oil, and Alice in Vapeland.

And people are counting how much money they are saving every year by switching from smoking to vaping.

What Do You Think?

Do you think vaping is fashionable? Or just another device to aid substance abuse?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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