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Viral News: Huband Lets Wife Leave With Her Lover In Exchange of 71 Sheep

A bizzare incident took place in the Gorakhpur city of Uttar Pradesh which has caught the nation's attention. A husband, who has been married to his wife for the past 5 years, agreed on leaving her forever in exchange of 71 sheep from her lover. Yes, you heard it right!

25-year-old Seema Pal eloped with her lover Umesh Pal (27) on July 22, completely out of love and stayed at Umesh's place in Charpani since then.

According to a TOI report, when Seema was called by the village panchayat for a solution, the heads asked Umesh to give 71 sheep to Rajesh Pal, Seema's husband, to be with the love of his life.

Later, when Umesh's father came to know that his son has given half of the flock of sheep without his permission, he filed a case against Rajesh accusing him of stealing the animals and asked to return his sheep.

Currently, sheep have been taken from Rajesh and the matter is still under investigation.

Seema is happily pregnant with Umesh's child and said that the main reason behind leaving her husband was his impotency, as he was unable to give her a child for the past 5 years.

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