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How Toilet Cleaning Bleach Can Cause Lung Disease; 5 Tips To Prevent Lung Disease

A new research has found that the usage of common disinfectants and toilet cleaning bleach puts a lot of people at the risk of contracting fatal lung diseases.

This illness is known to be a very painful condition that can include bronchitis and emphysema. These conditions have been linked to ammonium compounds known as quats that are commonly found in the floor and surface disinfectants.

Other products that contain alcohol and hydrogen peroxide were also associated with this disease and the sufferers are mostly people who underwent long-term exposure to these chemicals.

The new study by the Harvard and French National Institute Of Health And Medical Research is the first to identify a link between these chemicals and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Hence, the researchers have called for better guidelines to protect the employees whose jobs involve regular cleaning.

Keeping this in mind, in this article we have mentioned some of the best tips to prevent lung disease.

Apart from covering your airways while using these bleaches and disinfectants, you need to be aware of these that will help you big time in protecting yourself against lung diseases.

5 Tips To Prevent Lung Disease:


1. Know Your Family History:

There must be some genetic component that can increase the risk for COPD. This is because people with this condition can get the disease early with more severity.


2. Avoid Air Pollution:

In developing countries, smoke from cooking over wood is a major cause of COPD. Dust or smoke from unventilated wood stoves can contribute to this condition.


3. Stop Smoking:

If not for toilet cleaners, smoking is the number one cause for lung disease. If you're still smoking, then you need to stop it now to reduce the risk of this disease.


4. Avoid Third-hand Smoke:

You need to avoid places with smoke and smokers. There is evidence that third-hand smoke is more dangerous.


5. Protect Yourself At Home:

You need to make informed decisions about the paint and the cleaning products that you choose to use. You need to avoid oil-based paints that will release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You must choose water-based paints instead. Cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals like VOCs, ammonia and bleach.

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