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New Way To Detect Malaria In Seconds Developed

Malaria is one of the worst vector-borne diseases. In addition to this one of the major problem with malaria is that the problem gets detected very late. So by the time one gets diagnosed, it would have been late and at times it can turn fatal as well.

Hence keeping in mind this issue, a Kolkata based engineering college has developed an app that can detect malaria within seconds.


The device not just helps in getting quick diagnosis but it is also cost-effective. The device named as Centaur has been developed by researchers of the Institute of Engineering and Management, Salt Lake (IIEMS) with technical support from Indian Institute of Science Engineering and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur.

The process is very simple. All that one needs to do is purchase the device that costs Rs 70 and one needs to download the relevant app on a smartphone. In order to use the device, it needs to be attached to a camera-enabled smartphone. A drop of blood of the person undergoing the test should be put onto the provided slot on the device.

Then a picture of the drop of blood should be taken by the camera and then with the help of the app, it should be uploaded and sent to a remote testing facility where it will be tested and an accurate report will be sent back within 10 seconds.

The developers have approached the Union Health Ministry for approval and recognition of the device.

Meanwhile, also learn about few of the simple tips to prevent malaria. But, before that let us learn about what exactly is malaria and how is it caused?

Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious disease. It is caused by the plasmodium parasite, transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquitoe. Fever, chills and sweating that occurs few weeks after being bitten are the major symptoms of malaria.

Tips To Prevent Malaria:


1. Use Mosquito Nets:

Make sure to use mosquito nets when you sleep. Ensure that the mosquito nets are in a good condition. Tug the nets properly under your mattress before sleeping. This helps in preventing mosquito bites and risk of getting malaria.


2. Wear Long-sleeve Clothes:q

It is always advisable to wear long-sleeve clothes in order to prevent any mosquito bites. Especially when you venture out in evening it is better to wear long-sleeve clothes.


3. Use Mosquito Repellents:

Using mosquito repellents helps ward off mosquitoes and prevent one from malaria. However, make it a point to use mosquito repellents that are natural as this will not have an adverse effect on the skin.


4. Keep Your Surroundings Clean:

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so make it a point to get the water cleared. This prevents the multiplying of mosquitoes and thus prevent malaria.


5. Wear Light-coloured Clothes:

As it is found that mosquitoes gets attracted to dark coloured clothes hence it should to avoided. Instead it is better to wear light-coloured clothes, it help to keep the mosquitoes at bay and prevent malaria.

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