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Want To Lose Weight But Don’t Want To Exercise? Drink Green Coffee

Survival of the fittest is no longer a simple Darwinian concept used by the rich and the powerful to subdue the weak. With the alarming rate at which obesity (and diseases caused by it) is rising around the world, your survival in this century truly does depend on how fit you are.

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But what if you hate the idea of hitting the gym and sweating it out? Or keep failing to go for those planned early morning walks? And never seem to stick to that strict diet you said you would? Then here's some good news for you.

Researchers at the ETC Research and Development facility in Norway studied the systemic effects of consuming CGA-enriched instant coffee on 30 grossly overweight individuals with a control group of individuals on plain instant cofee and discovered that after 12 weeks of regular consumption, the test subjects showed a dramatic drop in their body weight with an average of 5.4 kg of weight loss. The control group on the other hand showed only an average of 1.7 kg of weight reduction.

In other words, drinking green coffee or consuming capsules of its extract can help you lose those pesky pounds without suffering through months of exercising.

But What In The World Is Green Coffee?

While most of us know what green tea is and have heard of its incredible health benefits, to the uninitiated "green coffee" might as well be an alien pod harvested off a fallen meteorite. But it is not as otherworldly as it sounds.

Green coffee is simply a term used to describe ripe coffee beans that are plucked fresh off the stem and packaged off to stores without additional processing like drying, roasting, and grinding (which is how generic coffee is produced for the market). That means not only do these beans retain more nutrients than their processed counterparts, they are also healthier.

The Secret Behind Green Coffee's Incredible Weight-Loss Effect

Green coffee contains a class of compounds called CGA (chlorogenic acid) and its esters. And this ingredient has some incredible properties:-

#1 It Suppresses Fat Accumulation

CGA increases your body's natural metabolism, and thus speeds up the process of utilizing the fats in your diet and those stored in your body. It accomplishes this by preventing the action of sterolic molecules like SREBP-1c, which are known to enhance fat accumulation in the body.

#2 It Inhibits Fat Absorption From Your Diet

Studies have shown that CGA also prevents absorption of lipids from your gut and increases fat metabolism in your liver, which further helps reduce your total body fat percentage.

#3 It Has Anti-diabetic Properties

CGA prevents the production of glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme in the body, which is needed for glucose production and the breakdown of stored glycogen. Additionally, it has been studied that consuming 3-4 cups of decaffeinated coffee rich in CGA can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes by almost 30%.

#4 It Is A Potent Antioxidant

A study on the antioxidant effect of 12 types of green coffee beans discovered that Robusta coffee beans have higher antioxidative properties as compared to the equally famous Arabica beans.

How To Use Green Coffee

Green coffee can be consumed in 2 ways - in the form of regular brewed coffee, and as ingestible capsules of coffee extract. But if you are planning to use the latter, we caution you to consult with your physician first. As for the former, here's a simple (but time-consuming) recipe you can try at home with some fresh green coffee beans:-

Step 1: Soak the green coffee beans in water overnight.

Step 2: Boil this concotion (with the beans) and then simmer for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Let the broth rest for 1 hour as it releases even more nutrients into the drink.

Step 4: Sieve out the beans and enjoy your cup of green coffee with some sugar or lemon.

You can, alternatively, grind the whole beans and then steep the fresh-ground beans in water for 10 minutes before having it with some sugar. Just be careful while grinding the beans. Green coffee beans are considerably harder than regular pre-roasted coffee beans.

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