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High BP In Teenagers Can Damage Their Major Organs; Best Ways To Control BP

Having a normal blood pressure is important for the body organs to function normally. Fluctuation in the blood pressure can affect your major organs.

Well, this problem was common among the adults and elderly. But now, the problem is slowly creeping among the teenagers as well.

A new study has found that organ damage (major being heart and blood vessels) as a result of high blood pressure does not only occur in adults, but it occurs also in teenagers.

Unlike the adults, high blood pressure in teenagers are based on percentiles, rather than blood pressure level.

During the study, researchers studied blood pressure and measured organ damage in 180 teenagers (14-17 years old, 64 percent white, 57 percent males). They found evidence of organ damage even among the youth categorized as "normal" with blood pressure less than in the 80th percentile.

The research also revealed heart and vessel damage in the mid-risk group, which had blood pressures in the 80th to 90th percentiles and the high-risk group, with blood pressures above the 90th percentile.

The study was recently presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) Council on Hypertension in San Francisco.

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Meanwhile listed here are few of the best ways to control BP. Take a look.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is highly essential to keep your blood pressure under control. Including foods rich in fibre and other essential minerals, low in fats and including plenty of fruits and vegetables helps in keeping the blood pressure under control.

Exercise Regularly:

Regular exercise in moderate level, even half an hour of brisk walk helps in keeping the blood pressure under control.

Reduce Salt Intake:

Excess salt cnsumption raises the amount of sodium in your bloodstream and reduces the ability of your kidneys to remove the water. Due to excess fluid retention in the body it leads to high blood pressure. Hence, it is essential to reduce salt intake in order to control the blood pressure.

Reduce Intake Of Alcohol:

If you are an alcoholic and your blood pressure in way too high then it is important to cut down on alcohol intake.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking affects your regular blood flow. This in turn increases pressure on the arteries and this is one of the major cause for increase in your blood pressure. Quitting smoking is one of the best ways to prevent high blood pressure.

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