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Researchers Find A Breakthrough In Malaria Treatment; 6 Ways To Prevent Malaria

A team of Australian researchers have made a breakthrough that could lead to new malarial vaccines and treatments.

This killer disease that takes the lives of thousands of people each year, until now was thought that the parasite's proteins were the key to getting into the human system to reject it.

But experts from a medical research institute in Melbourne have discovered that carbohydrates play an important role in malaria parasite infecting humans.

It is expected that this discovery can lead to more effective vaccines.

The study suggested that carbohydrates are not our enemy when it comes to stopping the spread of malaria.

Carbohydrates on the surface of the malarial parasites play a role in the malaria's ability to infect mosquito and human hosts.

It is expected that the vaccine would generate a good antibody response that protects against the parasite.

In this article, we have also listed some of the best tips to prevent malaria.


1. Determine Your Level Of Risk:

You need to be informed about your destination and the risk of getting malaria. The risk of an infection can vary considerably even within a single country.


2. Stay In Well-screened Areas At Night:

Avoid sleeping outside in the areas where mosquitoes are likely to thrive like tyres, lakes, waste dumps, etc. This is one of the best ways to prevent malaria.


3. Always Use A Bed Net Impregnated With Insecticides:

Check that your net is not damaged and ensure it is tucked under the mattress neatly. Keep an additional net attached to the windows and doors.


4. Use Mosquito Repellent:

Use an insect spray that contains pyrethroids in all the living and sleeping areas, especially during the evening and night.


5. Wear Long Sleeves:

Wear long sleeves and trousers in the evening and night. The less the skin is exposed, the better.


6. Sunscreen Comes First, Repellent Second:

In case you apply a sunscreen, then wear that first and then apply the repellent later. It is advisable to apply the repellent in the morning as well. This is also one of the best steps to prevent malaria.

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