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Leo Monthly Horoscope of August 2021

By Boldsky Desk

Leo: 23 July - 22 August

If you are looking to start any new work, then this time is not right for it. You are advised to avoid haste, especially for businessmen, this month can bring some big challenges. During this time, you may have to struggle to complete even your smallest tasks. On the other hand, to make quick profits, you should avoid taking shortcut routes, otherwise there may be a big loss in place of profit. If you do a job then you are advised to focus more on your work. During this, keep your behavior with senior officers right. Loss due to argument or confrontation will be yours only. Unemployed people of this zodiac have strong chances of getting employment in the middle of the month. This time will give good results for you on the family front. During this time, the atmosphere of your house will remain calm for most of the time. You will get full support of family members, especially with the emotional support of parents, your confidence will increase. If you are married then this time is likely to be mixed for you. Your financial condition will be fine. If you take your decisions wisely, then soon all your financial problems will end. Talking about health, if you have a heart-related disease, then you are advised to be careful during this period.

Lucky Element: Fire
Lucky Planet: Sun
Lucky Numbers: 2, 12, 35, 48, 55
Lucky Days: Saturday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday
Lucky Colours: Saffron, Dark Red, Yellow, Green

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