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Aries Monthly Horoscope of February 2022

Aries (March 20 to April 18):

The month of February will not be special for you, especially since the beginning of the month can bring some problems for you. Your opponents will be active during this period and they can cause trouble for you. From the point of view of work, this time is going to be very busy for you. If you do a job then you may have to travel a long time during this period. The sum of profit is being created for the people associated with the same business. Retail businessmen can get good profits during this period. Along with this, your business will also increase. You are advised to take special care that there is no disturbance in your personal life. You need to soften your behaviour. Try to maintain a good rapport with the elders of your house. Also, take care of everyone's needs. Talking about health, during this period you may have diarrhoea, dengue etc. You stay calm.

Lucky Element: Fire
Lucky Planet: Mars
Lucky Numbers: 7, 10, 29, 34, 47, 58
Lucky Days: Monday, Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday
Lucky Colours: Pink, Dark Yellow, Red, Sky Blue

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