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7 Easy Steps Through Which Men Can Ensure Women's Safety

Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "You must be the change, you want to see in the world." The first and most important step toward making the world a better living place for women, develop a sense of social responsibility towards women's safety.

The recent rape cases have shook the entire nation and compelled people to think about their responsibility in ensuring a woman's safety. Although there are strict laws and punishments to ensure women's safety, as a citizen, you too need to share some responsibility to make a woman feel safe.

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Continue reading the article to know 7 safety tips on how men can ensure the safety of women around them.


1. Be Empathetic Towards Women

Treatment of women as sexual objects and secondary citizens are traits of a patriarchal society and a threat against women's safety. Using power against women to suppress them and prove yourself to be a stronger gender is not a good thing. Try to understand the issues women face, develop empathy towards their plight.

You can win a woman's trust by showing respect to her and helping her when needed. This can actually help in creating a better and safe living place for women.


2. Always Note The Number Plate

If any of your female family members or a friend is taking a trip alone in a cab or an auto-rickshaw, make sure to click a picture of the number plate or note down the number, or ask them to share the trip details if they are using it through an app. You don't need to worry every single time, but being cautious is a good thing. Moreover, this will make the driver realise someone is keeping an eye on them.


3. If Possible, Drop The Woman Safely At Her Place

Driving the extra mile to drop off your female colleague or picking up your female family members from the airport are things you can do to assure their safety if the timings are unsuitable. You can also wait and keep your female friend company until one of her family members arrive to pick her.

This is a long shot, but if you spot a woman waiting for someone alone on the streets or at the bus stop, you can offer her company till the ride arrives; make sure you don't scare her. If she doesn't seem to be trusting you, then you can stand at a safe distance to make sure she is safe.


4. Ask Her To Share The Live Location When Travelling Alone

If your close female friend or family member is travelling alone to a place whether known or unknown, you can ask her to share her live location with you. This will help you check her whereabouts and make sure she reaches safely. You will be able to see if she is on the right route. You can immediately contact the authorities if you find anything worrisome.

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5. Know Her Whereabouts If She Is Not On Time

If your female friends, colleague, or family member promised to be at a place on a certain time and they are late don't wait too long to make a call. Instead of waiting for her to arrive, try to know where she is for the sake of safety. While you are trying to know where she is and if she is safe, make sure you do not invade her privacy.

You can also ask her to wait at a safe location for you to pick her up if it is late in the night.


6. Be Quick To Contact The Authorities

It is a best practice to alert the authorities if you find anything suspicious that you think might threaten the safety of a woman. If your female family member or friend is late than usual and her phone is unreachable, immediately contact her friends and confirm her whereabouts.

We are not saying that you should rush to the police station as soon as the woman you know is late, but never wait if you think that her safety has been compromised.


7. Make Sure She Is Not The Last To Be Dropped By Office Cab

If you take the office cab along with your colleagues, then you can ensure that your female colleague is not the last one to be dropped off.

If it is an odd time and isolated location, you can stay there until she enters her house. This way you will make sure she has actually reached her place safely.

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It is not possible for you to be present around your female, friends, family members, or colleagues during the odd hours or at an unknown location. However, walking a few steps extra to ensure women's security is never a bad idea. Women's safety is a social responsibility and therefore, even a small effort can have a positive impact. Restraining yourself from acts like eve-teasing, cyberbullying, physical and verbal abuse can surely pave a path for a better living world for women.

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