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6 Reasons Why Women Like Men Who Have Pets

Who doesn't love having cute furry friends? Having pet animals is definitely a treat to one's life. It will be no wrong to say that having a pet is no less than having a genuine companionship. When you own any pet, you have someone to love unconditionally and spend your time with. Your pet(s) will always try to make you feel special and happy by doing some sweet little things.

For example, your dog will always wig his/her tail as soon as you come home and will cuddle at times. Similarly, your cat or rabbit will make you feel happy by either cuddling or by playing with you. Men must have seen that most of the women are inclined towards men who own pets. If you wonder why it is so, then we are here with some reasons that you may not be knowing. Read on.


1. It Shows Your Caring Attitude

It is obvious that when you own a pet, you will care for it in the best possible way. You will make sure to give your pet everything which is essential for it. You will arrange food for your pet, will ensure that it has a good place to sleep, has the necessary toys and is doing well. So, when you do these things for your pet, it instills a caring attitude in you. When women find you taking good care of your pet, they may get impressed by your caring attitude.


2. It Shows That You Aren’t Commitment-Phobic

Women like men who can give a commitment to their relationship. They may not like the one who is a bluff and is unable to commit to their relationship. If you are wondering what it has to do with having a pet, then it is all about being committed to your pet. Ask yourself, are you committed to your pet? will you give up on your pet for the sake of money and someone else? will you abandon your pet, if you get a new job opportunity in some other city or will you take the pain to take your pet along with you or find another family for your pet? If you can never abandon your pet, then it shows that you are not at all commitment-phobic.


3. It Shows Your Kind Behaviour

Having a pet and being good towards animals show your kind behaviour. It can earn you extra brownie points as who willn't like a person who is kind and decent towards animals? So, if you are thinking of having a pet and are quite kind when it comes to animals, then you can be assured that you will definitely be able to impress some women around you.


4. It Shows Your Interactive Skills

If you own a pet and are quite close to it, then this also shows your interactive skills. This is because you will eventually interact with your pet. You will definitely spend some good time with your pet and try to develop a good bond with it. Slowly and gradually, you tend to understand the needs of your pet and fulfill them. This can eventually lead to good interactive skills. You tend to understand the needs and emotions of not only animals but also of people around you. Therefore, women tend to develop some liking for men who own pet(s).


5. It Shows You Have Empathy And Compassion

It is obvious that since you are having an animal and you are looking after it in the best possible way, you will be able to develop some empathy and compassion towards it. You will be compassionate towards other animals as well. You develop compassion and empathy for others. This is what makes you a better human because when you are compassionate towards others, you try your best to help not only the animals but also other people.


6. It Shows Your Selflessness

To love someone unconditionally and care for the same living being, shows that you are selfless. It makes you a better human. With this, you will for sure win the respect and love of people around you. Women, too will develop likings for you due to your selfless behaviour.

Having pets and caring for them can definitely earn you some brownie points. But if you have no pets, then at least be kind to animals because it will reveal a lot about your personality to the people you like, or people who like you.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 18:30 [IST]
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