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8 Foreplay Tips For Men To Have A Better Sex Life

If you ask people what makes a lovemaking session satisfying, you will get different answers. But did you ever realise that sex can be better if you have intense foreplay? You may think it as a starter before the main course and therefore, it can be summed up quickly.

Well, as a man you may think of ways to satisfy your woman in the bed but there can be times when your woman will be needing much longer time to feel sexually stimulated. Therefore, indulging in intense foreplay can be a better way of making your woman go weak down there!

But if you think that foreplay is all about undressing and kissing then you might be wrong. Below are some tips that can help you in exploring foreplay and make your woman feel sexually aroused like never before.

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1. Bring Out Your Naughty Side

Who said that foreplay can begin only in a closed bedroom? You can begin it the moment it hits your mind. You can take the help of naughty texts to give her a hint of what's going on in your mind. Text messages like, "Looking forward to exploring your body tonight" or "How about having you as a dessert after dinner?" can make her feel excited and aroused even before both of you lock yourselves in the room.


2. Let Your Hands Explore The Right Places

The moment you are finally in your private heaven (your bedroom), let your hands reach the right places in a gentle manner. Rather than using your hands to remove her clothes, you can caress her body with her clothes on. Let your hand slip into her clothes and feel her skin and her curves. Trust me, she is going to like this.


3. Ask Her Desires And Tell Yours

While your hands are moving up and down her body, ask her what she wants. It can be anything from sensual biting to the way you undress her. When she reveals her naughty and wild desires, you can tell her yours. This way you will be able to understand if she is enjoying sex and what are the things she wants you to do in bed.


4. Give Her A Surprise Massage

What could be sensual than a pre-coital massage? You can start from her back and then focus on her waistline and calf. You can then massage her naval and then thighs and reach the ankle. But do not knead her like a dough because it will become a huge turn off for her. Let the massage be gentle and full of passion.

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5. Play Some Kinky Games

If you are looking for adding some more fun in the act then how about using some kinky sex toys and games? You can use a blindfold and tease her body with a feather tickler. If you love to see your woman dominating, you can let her take charge of these toys. While you use sex toys, make sure the kissing and touching go hand in hand. This way you will have an amazing experience.


6. Whisper Naughty Things In Her Ears

While you have blindfolded her, you can whisper naughty things in her ear. Let her know what's coming next. You can also describe her expressions in your words and arouse her through your words. Trust me, you and your woman is going to love this.


7. Explore Her Body In A New Way

Even if both of you have been doing sex for a long time, you can explore her body as if it is the first time. Let her feel that no matter how many times you get to see her curves and skin, it is always a new experience for you. If you are doing just for the sake of doing it, you might not be able to enjoy at fullest.


8. Take Things Slowly And Gently

You don't have to hurry during the foreplay session. Let it be slow and gentle in the beginning. Beginning things in a rough manner can be a turnoff and therefore, try doing it gently in the beginning. You can then make it wild and a bit rough depending upon the expression and response from your woman. Take time and enjoy every moment. This way she will have an unforgettable experience.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 12, 2020, 8:00 [IST]
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