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10 Situations Under Which A Man Should Practice Sexual Abstinence

In Hinduism, Manu has considerable significance. He is known as the eldest son of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. Manu was assigned the responsibility of setting up some guidelines for humans to have a better life along with the ways to achieve spirituality in living.

The teachings and moral codes set by Manu are known as Manusmriti or Manava Dharmshashtra. It explains the importance of the cycle of birth and life along with the importance of brahmacharya (chastity).

Other than all the teachings, it also talks about sexual abstinence, which includes the knowledge and importance of establishing sexual relations along with the punishment for indulging in infidelity and adultery and much more. We are here to tell you about the situations under which a man should have sexual abstinence. Scroll down to read them.

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1. Dhyana (Meditation)

Manusmriti says that if a man has voluntarily stepped into meditation then he must follow sexual abstinence. The moment you enter into meditation, you are dedicating and devoting your energy and consciousness to the almighty. Therefore, thinking about getting indulged in bodily pleasure while meditating is dishonesty.


2. Lack Of Senses

There comes a situation when a person may not have control over his senses. The reason behind this could be an accident, a prolonged illness, or any unfavourable situation. During such a time a man should have sexual abstinence.


3. Grief

A man should have sexual abstinence when he or his family is going through the grief of losing someone. Failing to which shows he does not have respect for mankind. Compelling your partner to have a sexual connection while grieving is no less than committing a sin.


4. Insomnia

The one who is unable to sleep and/or is having restless nights can follow sexual abstinence. The moment you let your sexual desires overpower your mind while you are having insomnia, you may get surrounded by negative energy and thoughts which can further lead to self-destruction.


5. Fatigue

A human body is not a machine and certainly needs rest. Therefore, a man should have sexual abstinence when he is having fatigue or is tired. Since sex is a way for couples to show love and passion and requires a lot of energy, trying to indulge in it while one is dead tired is not a good idea.

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6. Lust

Lust in a man can destroy and ruin his dignity and make him lose his respect for women. Having lustful thoughts and trying to establish a forced sexual relation is a sin. In order to overcome lust, a man should try to have sexual abstinence.


7. Obscenity

A man who has lost his decency and is growing shameless with every passing day should have sexual abstinence. Sex is a way for people to show love and passion for each other. A man with obscene thoughts should be abstinent from sex.


8. Unstable Partner

While your partner is going through stress, frustration, depression, or is quite disturbed due to an unpleasant situation in life then it is better for you to have sexual abstinence. During such a difficult situation, you can try to help your partner by being emotional support.


9. Sickness

If a person is sick then one must have empathy for that person. Similarly, if you are trying to gain sexual favours from your partner or from someone who is ill and/or is trying to recover from illness, then this shows a man's inhuman nature.


10. Death

A man must try to have sexual abstinence if he is on death bed. Moreover, if you are trying to establish a sexual connection with someone going through a similar situation, then you are committing a sin.

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Perceiving sex as a thing to be achieved deliberately irrespective of a person's mental, emotional, and physical state is not a moral thing. Perhaps, therefore, the above is mentioned as the situations under which you must have sexual abstinence. It shows control over one's body and mind as it can make you a noble person.

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