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Most Expensive Barbies For Your Kid

By Sruthi Appu

Any kid would yearn to possess a Barbie doll. Those lovely embellished, cute, stylish and amazing dolls would for sure attract kids colossally. The first preference of any kids" gift collection would be to have Barbie dolls. They absolutely fall in love with those cute stylish dolls.

Now, you would think what is so special about these mere dolls. Before leaping into this thought, it"s better to re – think because these dolls are not a sheer show piece, these dolls can be as costly as your kid"s schooling tolls. I would put down here the most expensive Barbie dolls in the world.

Barbie No. 1 :

Among the set of most costly Barbie dolls, this Zebra – striped bathing suite Barbie costs the least. People who have the wistfulness towards those flamboyant feel go for Barbie No.1, which can be bagged for a price of 8,000 dollars. In fact this is the very first Barbie doll. She is truly an amazing antique creation.

De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie :

This Barbie is the creation of famous Jeweller - 'De Beers'. This Barbie vaunt herself in a beautiful yellow gown, flashing 160 diamonds and a cute jewellery of white gold, which is 18 k. The remarkable thing about this Barbie is that her hair is black in colour. The fact behind this Barbie's name is that she was brought to the world on 40th anniversary of Barbie Dolls. Now to possess her you have to spend 85.000 Dollars.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle promotional Barbie :

This Barbie when created was not meant for sale. This was created to promote the famous Barbie movie, Barbie and the Diamond Castle. Although this was not meant for sale this Barbie worth 1 million pesos. The attracting features of this Barbie are, it has 318 diamonds, weighing 20.66 carats. Its dress is adorned with forty four gems and white gold ornaments. This can be gifted to your kid, if you have 95,361 dollars in your wallet.

Canturi Barbie :

This Barbie is adorned with lovely accessories' collection from the famous jewellery designer Stefan Canturi. Her right hand has a magnificent and lovely diamond ring. The necklace, which the Barbie wears, has a rare pink diamond from Australia"s Argyle mine, which has been adorned with 3 carats of white diamond. The speciality of this diamond is that, its centrepiece is emerald cut. This star Barbie could be beside you, if you have 540,780 dollars.

Story first published: Friday, July 16, 2010, 12:42 [IST]
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