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Lassi: The Ayurvedic Health Drink

It's summer and people all around can be found sipping cold drinks. In Punjab, where a majority of the people prefer a glass full of Lassi, a traditional curd-based drink to beat the heat, several outlets are now offering fresh fruit juice-based health drinks.

One such popular outlet in Chandigarh is 'Bloom'. Many people say that if you are in Chandigarh, you must savour the delicious and healthy food and fruit juices offered at this place. The Ayurveda-based health boosters have been formulated by a group of highly experienced doctors and is claimed to be 100 per cent organic.

Bloom boosters are a rich source of alkaloids, glycosides, anti-oxidants, vitamins and other essential nutrients and make an ideal substitute for the missing nutrients in our body. It's the brainchild of Amit Roy Sharma, a non-resident Indian who felt the dire need of a health drink bar in his hometown Chandigarh.

Sharma, CEO of Bloom Juices Private Limited, said: "Each time I came to India, I struggle to find a health drink, snacks and food in the market. So I thought, not just in Punjab, but across the country, there is a real opportunity to serve people healthy and nutritious drinks as well as healthy foods. So, we experimented and researched on that. We found that the market is having appetite, as people are becoming more health conscious. There is nothing parallel to Bloom that offers people something like this in market."

The demand for shelf stable juices in India is around 1.75 million dollars per annum. Unfortunately, these products have little nutritional value and excess of sugar. But Bloom is an outlet that offers its valued customers total nutritional drinks coupled with a wholesome goodness of Ayurvedic boosters. About future plans, Sharma said, there were nine more outlets in the pipeline with an investment of one million dollars.

Many people say that for those who want to lead a healthy life Bloom' is the perfect stopover. "Till today, to get energy we used to take pills. Being a working woman I too take pills to be energetic. If we find the same content of pills in our in our normal diet, it would be fantastic thing. There is no chemical in this health drink. Everything is original," said Shweta, a health enthusiast.

"Not everyday, but twice-a-week having health drinks could provide lots of vitamins in the body. One should take health drinks because they provide lots of proteins and vitamins, people spends lots of money on bear and alcohol and they don't count money. If they spend little money on juice of this kind they would be having better health," Ajay Kumar Gaud, a health enthusiast. With Bloom, the people in Punjab have an option to fight aging and stress, and develop vigour and vitality.

Story first published: Monday, June 2, 2008, 14:19 [IST]
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