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World Tourism Day 2022: Date, Theme, Benefits, History, And Significance

World Tourism Day is a unique concept and a direct result of WTO's (World Tourism Organisation) efforts. WTO is the specialized agency of the UN (United Nations). If you have ever passed through a charming and well-preserved village in any town in Europe, during your tour, you can be sure that WTO is behind it. The chief aim of WTO is to boost local economies and provide sustainable tourism.

More importantly, WTO believes that travel is everyone's birthright and even those with disabilities and low income can plan a tour. Tourism anywhere welcomes you to the lap of its charming locales to conduct meaningful business with you. So, get ready to welcome the surreal beauty of nature in its mesmerizing angles and also the benevolence of tourism as an organization. We have curated detailed information about the significance and benefits of World Tourism Day. Read on to know more.

World Tourism Day 2022: Date And Theme

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has recognized World Tourism Day as an international event on September 27. "Rethinking Tourism" is the suggested theme to be proposed to the General Assembly by UNWTO which is to be incorporated into East Asia and Pacific regions.

World Tourism Day 2022: Benefits

How about treating a normal day like a vacation, in your own hometown, from the tourist point of view? Unseen places in your hometown will educate you in the best ways possible. Tourism means the business of providing and arranging holidays and services for people who are visiting a place. Travelling alone or with your family can be life-changing and is essential for all. All over the world, even in its most remote corners, tourism has become a dependable source of jobs.

Smart tourism strategies have ushered in the sustainable tourism ecosystem even in the smaller underdeveloped communities. Tourism opens our hearts and souls to new experiences and cultures. It improves our perceptions and life management skills.

World Tourism Day 2022: History And Significance

Since 1980, the UN has been celebrating World Tourism Day on September 27. On the same day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted. The purpose of this day is to raise tourism awareness internationally and to positively influence the social, cultural, political, and economic values in today's world. The colour associated with World Tourism Day is Blue.

On World Tourism Day, UNWTO urges people to recognize the potential and charm of Tourism. The chief aim of the tourism sector is to extend its reach to the global economy and societies and let historically discriminated people benefit from the development. The tourism industry focuses on driving prosperity and sustainable development.

World Tourism Day 2022: Significance

International tourism can enrich the economy from different sources. Through Tourism expenditures, it is the host economy that is benefitted as it can reinvest this income in several sectors. The tourism industry not only contributes to government revenue but also generates employment. From hotel managers to cleaners, it creates job opportunities. 70 percent of the workforce in the globe are from the tourism industry. These organizations conduct fundraising activities by soliciting funds from local people and visitors to benefit local economies.

Apart from preserving local culture, the tourism industry initiatives strengthen local communities through events and festivals. By contributing social services and meeting the needs of tourists, people can sometimes get good roads, sewage systems, etc. to their locality, and the quality of life is enhanced. Since art and culture are commercialized, people can have more disposable income. Tourism also can promote the local customs and traditions of a place. Most importantly heritage of a community is preserved, while the communities are empowered. It is a fact that the tourism industry adds value to the environment by protecting nature, through fundraisers and other initiatives.

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