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What Does Each Rose Colour Signify? Know The Meaning To Pick The Perfect Bloom For Someone Special

Roses are so much more than mere flowers. We instantly associated so many memories and emotions with this one. It has always been called the eternal symbol of love and romance. This one comes in plenty of shades to match your moods, times, age and relationship equations. Colour symbolism has always played an important role and it is something that is beyond words.

It is right that flowers have their own language, and one can easily express their personality through them. Body language may sometimes be deceptive. But the language of roses can never be misinterpreted. Rose personifies everything that carries beauty and meaning. In fact, rose tints voice the moods and the opinions of the owner towards the receiver. It is a nonverbal expression of love and a panacea that mends the rough edges in a relationship, helps it blossom, and transforms it into a surreal experience. These gorgeous colours can work as a hit to display a huge spectrum of emotions that could range from mere admiration, friendship, and love to even loss and mourning.

You may always believe in the adage that says 'roses are red, and violets are blue', but between them, we have other shades like blue, pink, orange, or sometimes black. You can pick the rose with the desired shade, or choose to have it dyed to the tint you would love to see on it. Whether you're buying for Valentine's Day or on the spur of the moment, you are required to choose a colour that conveys your emotions and your attitude to your partner.

It is the cupid's armour that has kindled feelings even in the hard-hearted, and finds a mention in all categories of literary creations, be it a teen poem or a lyrical epic by the poetic stalwarts. You are not making a wild exaggerated statement when you say that a Rose is your antidote for stress, as the very sight of a rose releases the mood-elevating endorphins. Rose has its own magical way of bringing down your BP levels and now you realize why they said the thing of beauty is a joy forever. Rose is not just about looks, but about all things mild and gentle.

In a recent survey, about 90 percent of people, declared that arranging roses in creative ways reduced their stress. 68% said they were able to focus better while arranging roses. And 53 percent as per their own confession, felt relaxed due to this. They are for life's most significant moments. Let us know about each beautiful shade of rose to understand its significance.


Red Roses:

Red is what people choose instinctively when they think of grand celebrations. A heart-warming hue of red or a touch of maroon in your surroundings instantly energizes you as red is a colour of energy. While red roses symbolize profound love, that deepens over time, the intensity they exude could stifle those who have just met their romantic prospects in a first-time meeting. Hence, a red rose would be the best gift for your wife or your long-term partner. This is the reason why they are much in demand on Valentine's Day.


Yellow Roses:

Yellows are the happy shades that celebrate revelry and the easy-going friendly spirit. Obviously, it is the shade for your eternally cheerful crowd of friends. Stay away from Yellow if have romantic interest in mind. Some people claim that it reflects jealousy and infidelity. They also symbolize sweet remembrances and warm memories.


Lavender Roses:

If the person who occupies your world, is of the unusual dainty and queenly kind, the shade of cool Lavender is the first thing that you should consider. Less common than the shades of pink or red, it is a befitting companion for your enchanting other, who expresses the rare virtues of majesty, dignity and grace through their ways. If you are not feeling fiscally very strong, then keep it within your budget. While lighter shades of Lavender represent love at first sight, darker shades convey regal splendour and gentility.


Deep Pink Roses:

Pink expresses gratitude, grace and joy more eloquently than words could. It is inarguably the shade of red, with its rough edges honed and softened. Red signifies passionate love but pink is a watered-down version of it. It could gently remind your best friend of your silent admiration towards him/her, Choose the deep pink shade as they voice your happiness and gratitude more effectively than your letters and gestures. Your best friend deserves it more than any other. They are the gentlest of roses that relay the message of grace and elegance. You can consider your best friend, fiancée or a very reliable co-worker for this gift.


Medium Pink Roses:

Medium pink spells femininity and grace making it eminently suitable for various occasions, one the one hand, they can express gratitude, whereas, on the other, they are ideal choices to gift when someone is grieving. This is also a way to celebrate somebody's success or their first love. A medium pink rose carries the essence of genuine love and appreciation and love. So it is the safest bet for a floral gift to your valentine.


Light Pink Roses:

These roses are an exquisite blend of pink and white hues that can perfectly substitute for the white rose. They bring in a touch of innocence along with a dash of appreciation to the message you want to convey. These gifts are for the perfectly indispensable and caring partners who have stood you through thick and thin. Yes, they are your mom, sister, or even a close friend. During sad events, you can choose to give it as a sympathy gift as it would calm their grieving hearts at the very first sight.

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