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Men On Bike Chase Runaway Horse Carriage Only To Meet With A Cringe-Worthy Fate

Sometimes you see stuff on the Internet and the first thing that comes to your mind is- 'What were you even thinking?'. And that is exactly what you would think when you see this video that went viral of men on bike chasing a runaway horse carriage.

In the incident that apparently took place on Bund Garden Bridge Road in Pune, we can see three men on a bike in a high-speed chase with a horse carriage in trying to control the horses. The horses seem to have lost control and can be seen running wild on the road.

The pillion rider at the very back can be seen trying to slow down the carriage by getting a hold of the reins. For a second it seems that he would finally control the horses as the carriage slows down for a few seconds. But then one of the horses loses balance and stumbles, taking the man with it. The video ends as the carriage wheels go over the man.

This is a classic case of action without thought. While the man is reported to have minor injuries, it could have completely gone the other way and the man could have been seriously injured.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 20:42 [IST]
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