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Watch: Scary Footage Of Tick Being Removed From Woman's Ear

Having pets and keeping them in good health is quite a task. If your pet is unwell or is not clean, there are high chances of you and your family contracting an unexpected illness.

Well, this is one such case where a huge tick got stuck in a woman's ear. The doctors believe that she had got it from her pet dog!

Check out the case and video of the tick being pulled out of the woman's ear.

The gruesome footage showed a live tick that was lodged deep inside the woman's ear. It is said that the woman thought that she had tinnitus (a perception of noise or ringing in the ears).

The woman in the scene is 50 years old and lives in Thailand.

The woman went to a hospital in Phitsanulok, Thailand, where medics examined her.

According to sources, the woman was in severe stress as she had suddenly started feeling a strange sensation along with constant ringing in her left ear.

When the medics peered into the woman's ear, they were shocked to see a tiny arachnid (an arthropod of the class Arachnida, such as a spider or scorpion) in her ear canal.

The creepy footage showed the tick to be wriggling around on the end of a tube that the medics had used on the woman's ear.

The Otolaryngologist (an ENT specialist) named Piradee Chanmonthon was the one who successfully removed the 6mm-long tick using a micro-suction tube.

To find out on how the creepy huge tick went inside the woman's ear, the medics questioned her about her background.

The woman revealed that she had too many dogs who live with her. She had a special bond with her pets as she allowed them to run in the fields and swim in canals. Guess this is where her pets got infected with the ticks that she was exposed to as well!

According to medics, ticks live in woods and areas that have long grass. These blood-sucking ticks do not jump or fly. Instead, they tend to attach themselves to animals or humans that they come in contact with.

The medics claim that the woman was lucky as the tick didn't lay eggs or embedded themselves inside the woman's ear as this could have taken longer to remove it.

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