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Raksha Bandhan 2022: Best Gift Ideas For Your Brothers And Sisters

The tradition of giving gifts to someone is probably as old as the festival of Raksha Bandhan itself. Passed down as a family tradition for generations, it is seen as a token of brotherly love for his sister(s) and vice versa. Furthermore, bonds strengthen as a result.

Sometimes, cash replaces the gift in certain families which is actually a good idea for a sister/brother who can buy something of her/his choice. The gift, when chosen with love, adds an overall auspicious touch to the festival. On Raksha Bandhan, we have curated a list of choicest gift items that your siblings will love for sure and it will definitely make them smile.

Gifts For Your Sister(s)


1. Jewellery Organizers And Handbags

Women thrive mostly on their intuitive knack for organizing things and nothing gladdens a woman more than a well-preserved home spilling over with her favourite knick-knacks, all arranged in place. The best gift that evokes a surprised smile from her is the jewellery box or organizer with wooden or stylish designer cupboards. Your sister or Bhabhi is sure to be overjoyed. If you wish to choose a considerably functional accessary, a branded purse or wallet must be the first thing that must think of. She will be feel highly pleased and appreciated if she is gifted with such a thoughtful gift to keep her favourite boho accessories in it. You can pick the most admired fashion labels or transact for them online.


2. Skincare Routine/Products

Skincare products are something that your sister instinctively picks up as per her skin type and needs. She has a skincare routine that she follows religiously. So why don't you surprise her with the best face wash, hair serums, and scrubs? She will thank you for making her life simple and beautiful. There is nothing beyond a jade roller and Gua Sha for enlivening her skincare routine. It preserves the natural glow of skin and keeps the skin young, and without wrinkles and pimples. Your sister will appreciate the kind gesture.


3. Hair And Nail Accessories

Be armed with the right information, to be able to make the right decision with respect to Nail extensions, which are ragingly popular these days. These are the gifts your sisters will love to receive. Book a prepaid appointment for her nail extension done at the salon or get her to do them herself by buying a set of DIY temporary nail extensions. Does your sister regularly experiment with hairstyles every now and then? Surprise her by purchasing for her, a new hair styling range, that includes a hair straightener, curling iron etc., on Rakhi.


4. Cool Gadgets

In this technological era, where gadgets have replaced the need for a natural lifestyle, books seem to exactly breathe in a fresh new life into their reader. Kindles, again, will compare better and they can easily be the best replacement for hardcover editions. You can find several published books on Kindle, some of which you can purchase for your sister. If your sister has a penchant for drawing and some illustration work on her PC, a gadget drawing pen tablet is the first thing you must consider buying for her, for the day of Rakhi. It will simplify the process of drawing and rendering. This obviously can be one of those cherished objects that a sister will definitely love to have.


5. Precious Crystals

The environment cleansing crystal set and sage will spread the right vibes and energies in your sister's room. If you sister is one of those who prefer these thoughtful gifts, provide her with just that. Add some scented candles to it as a complementing accessory to the gift package.

Gifts For Your Brother(s)


1. Grooming Hamper And Collectibles

Grooming hampers are gifts you can choose blindly without a second guess. They are the universal favourites that can be chosen from a variety of hampers including charcoal kits and beard care kits. Scout online sources for a better bargain. Get your brother a trendy hamper that must contain "Netflix & Chill" socks, wooden coasters, coffee powder, wooden snack dish, and an artistic mug.


2. Healthy Gastronomic Delights

Nutritional gifts must be thoughtful and prioritize his need for good health and wellbeing. Treat him to some nutrition packed food items. Including quinoa puffs or something as simple as an energy or protein bar. Add a lace of the delicate Rakhi to the gift hamper.

Also, if your brother, in case, happens to be a connoisseur of coffee, then get packed an interesting array of flavours in an assorted coffee box. He can enjoy the café flavours right at home, and thank you for a lifetime. Instant coffee flavours like hazelnut, and caramel can be an added attraction for any person who can smell a coffee cup from miles away. Also, you can add to the basket, some hot chocolate and coffee premix, for springing an additional surprise on him.


3. Health Insurance Plan

If you have a wise head over your shoulders, you can choose a health insurance plan, in case your brother has not so far invested in it. Initiate the process and ask him to continue to pay up further instalments. Health is an all-time important life concern that outweighs the spirit of celebrations sometimes.


4. Rakhi Set And Sneakers

Possessive brothers, with fatherly disposition, will eminently suit an elaborate Rakhi package, which you can send to let them know how much you appreciate the concerned gestures. Brothers, apart from your parents, deserve every bit of your attention. Girls may be greedy about handbags, but boys love their shoes and sneakers more than we do. An expensive set of shoes will be the best for Raksha Bandhan to get your brother beam a satisfied smile.


5. Electronic Items, Games And Toys

Earphones are very much a basic need, for today's technologically savvy era. It is of multifarious uses that include receiving calls, attending meetings, listening to songs, or even playing a game or two. Premium wireless earphones is all that your brother will need, to get them appreciate your concern and efforts. Earphones come in vast price range and features, and you can easily pick their favourites. Apart from that, new video games, educational games and toys, board game or monopoly can also keep them engaged for hours.

Image sources: Pixabay

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