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Josh And Mash Project Foundation Collaborate To Launch #YuvaJosh Challenge

Josh, India's leading and most engaged short-video app and MASH Project Foundation have joined hands to organise the #YuvaJosh Challenge starting August 23, 2021. The challenge has brought together 10 leading NGOs and social enterprises who work with the volunteers. Leveraging the power of short-video content, the challenge aims to create awareness among the audience, especially youth and inspires them to volunteer for social causes for the larger benefit of the society.

MASH Project Foundation is facilitating and curating creative content with partner NGOs which highlight work volunteered by the youth of India and lead towards an expression of change with a call to action that will further promote volunteering within the youth community on Josh.

"We at MASH are committed to empower social purpose organisations and leverage the 'josh' of youth of India to create much needed impact in our society. Our partnership with Josh is a great example of how new-age content platforms could spread awareness and bring together like-minded organisations and create a bigger impact through collective efforts." said Aashish Beergi, Co-founder & CEO, MASH Project Foundation.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sunder Venketraman, Head of Creator and Content Ecosystem, Josh said, "We are focused towards making Josh India's No. 1 platform for social impact and our association with MASH is a step in that direction. It is an honour to work with a partner that shares a common interest of leveraging short-format content to empower and inspire the youth of the nation to volunteer for social causes."

Participating NGOs & social enterprises include Gyandeep Growth Foundation, The Good Quest Foundation, Twirl Store, Captains Social Solutions, Our Voix, Uva Jagriti Sansthan, Zero Budget Politics, Iswar Sankalpa, LonePack and Lifepedia.

Here is what the NGO partners have to say:

"We hope Josh will help our mission reach many youngsters so we can Twirl to a world of less wastage and more women empowerment!"

  • Sujata Chatterjee, Managing Director, Twirl Store

"Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow! It's great to see platforms like Josh are stepping forward in motivating youth to do social good."

  • Afsal Mohammed B, Founder, Captains Social Solutions

"Josh is a great platform to amplify the voice against child sexual abuse. Bringing people together to speak up on such a sensitive issue."

  • Megha Bhatia, Founder, Our Voix

"Josh is an amazing platform to be able to use short form video content for non-government organisations to build an online community."

  • Gokul Saini, CEO, Uva Jagriti Sansthan

"Josh is an excellent platform to share our ideas as short videos and reach all sections of people, it will be an useful tool for non-government organisations."

  • Madhav Reddy, Founder, Zero Budget Politics

"Josh provides a much needed platform for NGOs to connect with the young people of India."

  • Debayani Sen, Senior Programme Manager, Iswar Sankalpa

"Josh is providing a great platform for non-profits to engage with India's youth and raise awareness about mental health.

  • Siddhaarth Sudhakaran, Founder, LonePack

"The spirit of volunteering at Gyandeep and MASH is bringing the world closer and creating a better tomorrow with JOSH."

  • Sumita Kakkar, Founder, Gyandeep Growth Foundation

"It's Important to gather people's support for the causes that non-governmental organisations work for. Josh and MASH serve the purpose effectively."

  • Sujitha, Co-founder, Lifepedia

"The coming together of The Good Quest Foundation and MASH is making seeking the underprivileged and empowering them easier."

  • Vinod, Founder, The Good Quest Foundation

Josh is a made-in-India, short-video app launched in August 2020 by VerSe Innovation. It represents a confluence of India's top 1000+ best creators, 20000 strong managed community of creators, the 10 biggest music labels, 15+ million UGC creators, best in class content creation tools, the hottest entertainment formats, and formidable user demographics. Josh has been consistently rated as the leading Indian short-video app in India on the Play store with 100 million+ downloads. Josh is currently the fastest growing and most engaged short-video app in India with 115+ million MAUs (Monthly Active Users) and 56+ million DAUs (Daily Active Users).

MASH Project Foundation is an award-winning social enterprise committed to building and empowering a global community of young social changemakers and leaders. It works with national and international organizations to deliver high-quality social impact through its interventions.