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Blind Psychic Baba Vanga’s Predictions: Past And Future, Healing, And Controversy

Baba Vanga is more known by her nickname than her name at birth. She was also called Modern Day Nostradamus. Vanghelia was blind by birth and known to be paranormally gifted with an other-worldly awareness. She was on a different plane spiritually, which compensated for her vision loss. When about 85% of her predictions turned out to be accurate and genuine, people started calling her Baba Vanga, which means old lady (baba) and vanga (Vangelia). Read on to know more about her.

Baba Vanga's Predictions: Life

Baba Vanga was born as Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova in Strumica, North Macedonia, in 1911, as a mystic, clairvoyant, herbalist. Vanga was swept away by a hurricane at barely 12 years of age but she was found alive but went totally blind due to this.

Admitted to the school for the blind in the city of Zemun in1925, Vanga, spent three years wherein she learnt to read Braille, and play the piano. Her ability to predict came to the fore, in 1927 when she started prophesying the events, the power for which deepened with time. Her soothsaying abilities attracted many people, who were desperate to know about their deceased relatives. She had a very distinguished clientele that included Hitler and the Bulgarian Tzar Boris III.

In 1942 Vanga married a Bulgarian soldier Dimitar Gushterov, and moved to Petrich, Bulgaria, where her fame spread to colossal proportions. Post the second world war, leaders and politicians from different soviet republics sought her advice. Her prophesies were put to test, and thoroughly studied. Their findings have been documented in the film "Fenomen " in 1977. As she herself had predicted, Vanga breathed her last on 11 August 1996 due to bread cancer. Her house in Petrich, upon her will, was turned into a museum that will be open for visitors.

Vanga was a semi-literate person who cannot express herself in writing. What she said has been recorded by staff members. Her life and words were interpreted by different esoteric writers in different ways much later.

She claimed that her clairvoyance had something to do with some invisible creatures whose whereabouts or antecedents, she did not know. She said that those creatures gave her information about people, and as she took life readings, the client's life appeared like film slides, upon which, she based her interpretations. There was nothing she could do about changing the destiny of those who approached her for help.

Baba Vanga's Predictions: Past And Future

Till now, Baba Vanga has accurately predicted the break up of Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster, Boris Yeltsin's electoral victory, the date of Stalin's death, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk, the September 11 attacks and Topalov's victory in the world chess tournament.

She also prophesied that an Afro American will assume the role of the president for USA and the 45th president with a messianic personality will let down this country badly.

She believed firmly in the existence of aliens, who according to her, have been living on this earth from quite a long time. They seem to have arrived from the third planet from the earth and spoke the language of "Vamfim.

Her predictions for the future have been quite gruesome. According to her, in 2023, the earth's orbit will drift away a bit. In 2025, Europe will become a deserted land. In 2028, hunger will be abolished from the face of the earth. North pole will melt away in 2033. In 2076 the world will be under communist rule. In 2088, a new disease catches people off guard and it can kill in a few seconds. A cure will be found for this as well.

Baba Vanga's Predictions: Future Of India

Baba Vanga has predicted that India will be attacked by a swarm of locusts in 2022 where the weather will be unbearably hot. Agricultural plots and crops will be destroyed according to her sayings. She has also forewarned Asian countries about the Earthquakes and Tsunamis that will wreak havoc in 2022. Also, a very lethal virus-based pandemic from the direction of Serbia will have devastating consequences on earth. In 2046, people will live for about 100 years, thanks to organ transplant technology. In 2100, the night will disappear, giving way to artificial sunlight illuminating the other earthly hemisphere. Only time will tell if it is true.

Baba Vanga's Predictions: Healing Methods

Baba Vanga was also into healing with herbal medicines, apart from predicting events. She firmly believed that sick persons shall use preparations from their native region. She was not biased about allopathy and its efficacy and modes of treatment.

Baba Vanga's Predictions: Controversy

Vanga's life was shrouded by controversies till she breathed her last. It was rumoured that her connections with the government, were behind her TV appearances and that she used secret services to gather data about people that helped her to predict better. No evidence has been garnered against this so far. While some of her critics voiced that her speech was too ambiguous and could be applied to any historical situation that will ensue later., she has remained as a prophet whose words carried an element of truth. She loathed those about whom she had a low opinion. She used to expose their misdemeanours in detail before she sent them away.

People who believe in her prophesies believe that Vanga hid sad news about people as she felt distressed in delivering it to them. Vanga herself proclaimed that certain news about people must never be revealed. A movie has been made on this Bulgarian Prophetess Vanga that was directed by Stilian Ivanov. It is still being aired occasionally on the BNT satellite channel.

Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2022, 14:12 [IST]
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