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Cookies Will Be Baked In Space To See How They Are Cooked In Zero Gravity

A prototype oven and fresh batch of frozen cookie dough are going to be launched to the International Space Station later this year. Yes, you heard it right! DoubleTree by Hilton has announced that its trademark cookie is soaring new heights because it becomes the first food to be baked in space.

More than 25 million DoubleTree cookies are distributed to hotel guests every year. It's a well-tested recipe that consistently produces cookies of same taste and texture at hotels around the world.

The recipe and funding are coming from DoubleTree by Hilton. Hilton joined its hands with NASA veteran, Mike Massimino, the first person to tweet from space. He said, "It's not just getting a cookie into space but it's also inspiring people to learn about what's going on in space."

The hotel chain has collaborated with Zero G Kitchen and NanoRacks to help build the zero-gravity oven to bake cookies in space. Most ovens on Earth rely on convection, which is the circulation of air as heat rises.

The new oven comes with special pouches in the heating apparatus to hold the cookie dough in place while baking. Massimino also thinks that the cookies might be puffier post baking, in the absence of gravity.

Eating cookies in space might be a problem. Massimino says, "Crumbs are a problem in space. You've got to be really careful". Mostly the food items that are eaten in space have a liquid consistency so that they stick to utensils and don't make a mess.

Well, this is the first time fresh cookies will be baked in space. We will have to see how it goes.

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