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Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Be Serial Daters

By Nia

If you believe in astrology and zodiac signs, you can learn the characteristics of all the zodiac signs and this will help you in understanding one's personality in a better way. For instance, if you are in a relationship and are wondering if things would get serious with this special person, knowing the person's zodiac sign would help you.

Understanding the characteristics based on the zodiac signs will help you know whether you are dating a serial dater or a person who is really in love with you! With these understandings, you can save your little heart from breaking!

Check out these signs who are most likely to be serial daters.



Being committed to one person or even making decisions are the two challenging tasks for Gemini. One can tell that they are serial daters by noticing how they break plans at the last minute. Even though they make a lot of promises in the relationship, they do not stick to delivering them. These sign zodiac individuals are known to enjoy the thrill of the chase.



Librans are irresistible and charming. This charming personality of theirs can be a sign of serial daters. They are generally afraid of emotional intimacy and they seem to use their charismatic persona to avoid people from getting too close to them. These individuals believe in having no strings attached!



Sagittarians tend to spread their energy and attention all over the place. They love meeting new people and they also enjoy the first date feeling, so much so that they tend to repeat it. Since they are so focused on enjoying their first dates, that they are left with no extra energy to focus on building a relationship. Hence they do not like getting into serious relationships.



It may be a surprise to see the most hard-working of the zodiac signs on this list. They are so busy working that they don't have time to commit to one person. On the relationship front, they like to have fun and they have a huge sexual appetite. These individuals generally do not like to open up to people about anything personal. Hence, dating several people at once keeps things on a casual level for them.



Pisceans love romance, but most of the time, their romantic expectations don't live up to reality. These individuals love the first few dates where they find everything to be exciting. But as real life starts to take over the fantasy, they become disappointed. They tend to wander in search of that perfect partner and end up dating many!

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Story first published: Monday, June 10, 2019, 10:30 [IST]
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