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Woman Spends Over $80,000 To Turn Her House Into A Barbie Shrine

By Nia

A woman claims to be the biggest fan of Barbie doll, as she has spent over $80,000 on her doll obsession even though she is 34 years old. The woman named Azusa Sakamoto, is from Los Angeles. According to reports, she has over 145 dolls, 40 pairs of shoes and 60 bags and other accessories of the dolls. Azusa revealed that she has spent thousands on Barbie conventions, home furnishings and different types of accessories as well.

On the professional front, Azusa is a nail artist, who is originally from Japan, and fell in love with the doll when she was just 15. Since the past 20 years, her love for Barbie has been out of control and now everything that she owns is Barbie-related.

Her craze does not end there as she has recently dyed her hair pink and even labelled herself as the Azusa Barbie. For those who assume that she might turn herself into a Barbie, she says that she's not trying to be the doll but instead just loves the brand!

She has spent at least $80,000 on her collection of dolls, furniture, furnishings and the clothes. Further, she revealed that every time she gets the paycheck, she goes online and buys even more stuff related to Barbie.

She has turned her house into a Barbie shrine. She revealed that her whole house is covered in Barbie stuff which includes her bedding, rugs, wall art and a lot more.

The walls of her house are painted bright pink and they are covered with Barbie-themed decals and artworks. If a person visits her place, they would be amused to find out that everything that she uses, from drinking glasses to bath towels, is just pink in colour or it is Barbie-themed.

She even has her Barbie doll collection in glass cases which she has kept in the living room. Her love for Barbie does not end there as she revealed that she dresses up herself in Barbie clothes. She revealed that her whole wardrobe and shelves are full of matching shoes, bags and nails.

Azusa revealed that she was first drawn to Barbie when she was just 15 and she had begun following the American culture and different trends at that time and since then there was no stopping.

The cherry on the cake is that her boyfriend is supportive of her obsession.

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