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Woman Smears Her Period Blood On Face For Spiritual Healing

Being weird to gain fame is the new trend. Performing stunts or even trying out something that could fetch you views and likes are a regular scene on social media.

This is one such case of a young woman who is also a self-proclaimed blood witch who is currently enjoying her share of fame by praising the period blood!

Chloe Isidora is an Instagrammer who loves posting about her regular chores. She is also an expert in Shamanism, Crystalline Consciousness and Herbalism, where she is on a mission to connect women to their menstrual cycles.

She uses the power of social media to debunk a few taboos about periods which is considered to be the life-giving time of the month as well. She does a ritual every month, where she is seen connecting with her womb while she bleeds.

She uses a menstrual cup so that she can use her own blood. She later applies the menstrual blood to her face. She reveals that by doing so she can have greater love and respect for her body. She often posts selfies with period blood wiped onto her forehead and her cheeks on her Instagram account.

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I have been having many interesting womb experiences lately. One of them was last week when I went to the gynaecologist. Within the first 5 minutes he asked me how old I was, to which I replied “38”, next question “what contraception do you use?” This question was followed by “have you considered freezing your eggs?” Instantly I felt an internal rage boiling. He went on to explain how a women’s fertility decreases after the age of 35. In my one to one womb sessions I have had many women on their fertility journey say to me “I’m on the wrong side of 35” I got a first hand experience of that thought whilst I listen to his words, just to be clear the gynaecologist was doing his job informing me of possible options ‘due to my age’. What I found interesting is how this inner rage boiled up in me. The reason for the rage is that I feel there are so many factors to fertility and these words that come from a professional, can turn into thoughts/worries that turn can into belief systems that can instil fear the body. Whilst I was in his office I imagined a woman coming to see him in the same situation as me but having no contact with her womb, how would she feel? I imagine worry that she’s getting too old and fear that she might not be able to conceive. A while back I noticed I had this belief “what happens if I’m too old to convince” I caught myself thinking this and I chose not to subscribe to my inner fear channel. How did I do that? When I caught myself thinking the thought I tuned into my body every time I would feel a twinge if pain in my right ovary. Instead of pushing it away I would breath into the pain and let myself feel this fear, giving it space I would go into the darkness instead of trying to cover it up positive thinking, I fully experienced the emotions that went along with it. By doing this I wasn’t letting this ‘secret’ fear take over me as I was fully acknowledging it. I felt the story within my ovaries and womb begin to rewrite as the pain would leave my body. Continues below 🌹

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Someone sent me a message today in response to me having blood on my forehead, which said “She’s actually fucking lost it.” I’m sure the message was not meant to be sent directly to me, but it totally got me thinking.. Before I begin talking about blood small side note, I think that I’m so normal, to think that others might think otherwise gives me so much pleasure and actually makes me smile a lot. 🌹 But back to blood if you not familiar with communing with your blood I’m sure it would appear to be a weird thing to do. So here’s why I do it. 🌹 When you are bleeding you are most connect to Spirit, this means that you can receive many insights with deep clarity, your inner guidance and inner wisdom are at its strongest. It is a powerful time. When you anoint your 3rd eye with your blood it brings you into an even deep presence with yourself. You are honouring your blood marking yourself as sacred. By honouring your bleed time and blood you are rewriting the the stories around periods being disgusting, dirty and labeled as the “curse”. By honouring your blood to are claiming your full empowerment as a women, which is your birth right. 🌹 For me this bleed was wildly expansive, I had many insights, visions, knowings and it all happened from the sofa with my eyes closed, with blood on my forehead. I feel totally enriched and refuelled by taking proper time to rest and tune inwards to receive myself. I also offered my blood to the earth in ceremony, with my dear sister @reginarhythm and I’m so grateful to have other women in my life who believe and know on a cellular level how important womb/blood work is for women. 🌹 And now here’s multiple pics of the many of the times I have blessed myself with my own blood. If you practice this too, why is important for you and what are your experiences?! Would love to hear. 🌹🔥♥️🔥🌹 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #blood #bleed #periods #mymoon #mymoonpower #menstrualcycle #menstrualcycleawareness #womensempowerment #womensupportingwomen #divinefeminine #empowerment #sacredselflove #sacredselfcare #womblove #wombpower #wombheart #wombwisdom #curiousforreality

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People have been inboxing her with rude messages and they call her 'crazy'. She also released a video explaining about why she feels her menstrual ritual is so powerful. She even hopes that sharing her experiences will take down the shame and silence around menstruation.

Talking about her actions she claimed that she has taken the initiative towards 'full empowerment to women.' She justifies it by saying it is her 'birthright'.
Despite getting the hate and negative comments, Isidora revealed in a press note that she will still continue her desire to connect women to their menstrual cycles.

If you are a social blogger, you will realise that she is not the only one who's been posting messages about period blood. There are other bloggers too.

An Instagrammer named Demetra Nyx had also used her own period blood to share messages of female empowerment. She even wrote slogans like 'Shame Less' on her thighs with her menstrual blood.

Story first published: Saturday, June 22, 2019, 10:00 [IST]
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