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Woman Makes Money By Cuddling Total Strangers

By Nia

Sometimes all that we need is a simple hug and we are good to go! Being heard or a simple hug has the power of changing the state of mind to a great extent. After all, cuddling is known as the best form of therapy!

Earning a living by hugging/cuddling people is the newest trend. A professional cuddler Jessica O'Neill shares her experience of being a professional cuddler.

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Jessica O'Neill, who is the mother of three kids, revealed as to why she decided to embrace people make it a lucrative career. She revealed that she runs her own cuddle therapy business where she charges people who are mostly strangers with $80 for an hour of hugs!

She revealed that her clients are mostly in the age group of 18 and 85. Her client list varies from married to unmarried men and women. She even hugs people with any special disability, even those who are mentally ill or just simply lonely!

Even though she snuggles up close to her clients every day, she revealed that her sessions are strictly non-sexual. Further, she explained that if the sexual energy arises during the session, she talks to them through it. She tells her clients to let it flow throughout the body so that it disperses naturally.

Jessica claimed that her clients have always respected their cuddle space. She revealed that none of her clients has ever put her in an uncomfortable position by asking her for any sexual favour.

Apparently, Jessica got the idea of launch her own cuddling business four years ago. The idea sprung in her mind when she was working as a massage therapist and a holistic counsellor.

She did her research and learnt facts on how she found regular embraces could lower heart rate, ease stress levels and even reduce the blood pressure. Cuddling regularly would also increase the happy hormone serotonin as well!

Jessica revealed that during the session, she sits down with the client and discuss the reasons why the client has turned to her for the therapy. Once the idea is clear, they plan out what they need to discuss and talk during the one-hour session.

Though she gets paid to cuddle different people every day she believes that her job is much more than just hugs. But she claims that she feels like she is making a difference in people's lives.

Check her video here.

Story first published: Saturday, July 6, 2019, 11:00 [IST]
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