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A Woman Had Surgical Clamp Lodged In Her Abdomen For 23 Years!


Misplacing instruments in the body during surgeries is a regular scene where the patients tend to suffer from chronic pain and illness for years until the real reason is found out.

According to a survey, in one in 30 cases, surgeons tend to forget a surgical instrument or even a glove inside the patient's body. These cases are not noticed unless and until the patient suffers from a medical condition.

Here is one such case where a doctor left a surgical instrument in pensioner Ezeta Gobeeva's stomach.

The incident happened in Russia's North Ossetia region, where the pensioner had been complaining of constant acute abdominal pain ever since she underwent a C-section operation in the year 1996.

But unfortunately the doctors did not take her case seriously as they blamed it on liver problems and every time she visited the different doctors, she was only prescribed painkillers.

The woman revealed that she was only recently granted an X-ray when she repeatedly complained that the medication that she was prescribed only helped her to numb the pain. A thorough investigation revealed that the pain was caused by a surgical clamp that had lodged in her abdomen.

The stunned radiologist who first saw the clamp on the X-ray revealed that he assumed that the woman had accidentally brought the metal object into the X-ray room.

When he asked her she could not recall how the scissors landed up in her stomach. It took a while for her to realise that it must have landed in her abdomen when she underwent a Caesarean section 23 years ago!

A case was registered against the medics for negligence and the authorities assured that she would be offered financial compensation for all those years of unnecessary suffering.

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