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Woman Gets Fired For Sending An OK Emoji To Her Boss


People get fired for several unexpected reasons. Not being punctual and not performing at the job are some of the common reasons why employees get fired. On the other hand, people also do get fired for some unusual reasons like spilling coffee on the floor or a few other petty cases.

This case is no different as a female employee was fired as she replied with just an OK emoji instead of typing out the word 'okay'.

The manager of the bar in Changsha, Hunan province of China, had apparently tagged the employee in the team's WeChat group. He had asked her to send over some meeting documents to her in the group and the female employee had just commented with an OK emoji. Though the reply seems to be okay to most of us, it was not the same in this case as the company that the woman was working for had its own set of rules.

As per the company rules, the employees are supposed to use 'Roger' or write complete words to reply to the messages to their respective bosses. Since the woman had just sent an OK emoji to her boss, she got fired!

The boss had texted her "You should use text to reply to the message if you have received it. Don't you know the rules? Is this your acknowledgement of receipt?" He was adamant that the woman spoke to the HR and sort out her resignation.

When the woman was contacted to find out if the case was for real, she revealed that it was true and her resignation is still being processed.
We pity the woman's state as she was an employee of the organisation for a long period of time.

The morale of this case is be aware of the rules of the company you work for and do not use emojis for official communication.

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