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8 Weird Addictions That Are Shockingly Real

By Nia

Addiction can be defined as a mental illness. One can have addiction to anything. It could be people binge-eating crappy food or even drinking too much.

Researchers claim that addiction can make your brain feel happy due to the release of certain chemicals. Hence giving up these addictions can be quite tricky.

But there are some addictions that are really shocking. Check them.


Drinking Human Blood

A woman named Julia Caples from Pennsylvania claims she's addicted to drinking up human blood every day for the last 30 years. She believes it makes her feel alive and keeps her beautiful.


Tanning Often

People really do have tanning addiction! There are several cases of people who are reported to visit a tanning salon for more than 8 to 10 times a month! The scary fact about tanning addiction is that the person will have withdrawal symptoms when they stop tanning.


Drinking Pee

Drinking pee is one of the most shocking addictions that people can have. According to a report a woman in her late 50s claimed that she loves drinking her own pee. She also revealed in an interview that she loves her pee so much that she washes her eyes, sinuses, and teeth too with it!


Pulling Hair

Pulling hair is found to be an impulse control disorder. People who have this condition have an overwhelming urge to pull out their hair from any body parts. They also experience high levels of anxiety unless and until they pull out some hair.


Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction is real and it is characterized by compulsive game playing. People with this addiction tend to withdraw themselves from reality and real relationships and focus on their gaming world.


Eating Glass

Hyalophagia is the term used for addiction to eating glass. Individuals who are addicted to eating glass claim that they enjoy the attention that they seek.


Eating Mud/Dirt

Eating mud or dirt is a serious addiction. The other name of this addiction is Pica Disorder. Generally, this addiction is seen among kids.


Eating Chalk

Eating chalk is quite common between both children and adults. Even though this addiction is labelled to be non-toxic, it is dangerous. Researchers claim that during the manufacture of chalk several ingredients are mixed in the mixture of the chalk. It can be anything from rat poop and bugs to metal shavings as well!

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