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Villagers Did Not Cook Food When This Crocodile Died!

There are several cases of human-animal bonds that will make you feel emotional and one such story is that of a crocodile that died due to natural causes and the entire village mourned its death.

Check out the details of the crocodile that was a pet of the village for over 130 years and find out how the villagers mourned the death of the crocodile by not cooking food and performing the rituals for it.

They believed the crocodile was their protector. Find out more about this beautiful relationship the crocodile and the villagers shared...


The Villagers Had Named It ‘Gangaram’

The villagers had named the crocodile as ‘Gangaram' and the entire village used to worship him as a deity. The villagers noticed that the crocodile had died in the pond.

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The Veterans Did A Post Mortem

After the reptile died, the villagers called in the vets to get a post morterm done. The animal died of natural causes, and weighed around 250 kg. The villagers took out a funeral procession for the crocodile.


Around 500 People Were Present

The villagers were so upset with the death of the crocodile that most of the houses had not cooked food and mourned the entire day. It is reported that more than 500 villagers took part in the funeral procession.


The Crocodile Was Harmless

Even though crocodiles are considered to be dangerous, Gangaram was calm and poised in its own world. It fed on dal chawal that the villagers used to feed and it never harmed the kids who played in the water. This had built a special bond between the villagers and the croc.

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The Villagers Are Planning On Building A Temple

According to the village Sarpanch, the villagers are considering building a temple in the memory of the crocodile. They have decided to make a memorial on the bank of the pond where the crocodile was buried.

Story first published: Friday, January 11, 2019, 14:49 [IST]
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