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Video: This Man Got Stuck Into A Married Woman While Making Love

They are so many cases of couples getting stuck during love acts. Today we are here to share an incident that happened in Kenya where a couple got stuck to each other while making love.

Check out the details of the same and also check one such video of another couple who was stuck during the act.

Find out the details of this bizarre incident...


This Is Not The First Incident

According to reports, this is not the first time such an incident has happened in Kenya. A husband has been accused of cheating his wife when he was ‘caught' after he got stuck inside his lover's vagina while they were having sex in a hotel room in Kenya.

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The Guests Raised An Alarm

The guests at the hotel where the couple was making love started informing the office staff about the screams that they heard coming from one of the rooms and raised the alarm.


A Priest Was Called At The Sight

A priest was called at the site to separate the couple, and he performed a few rituals as they believed that the stuck man needed a ritual to "regain freedom" from the married woman.


The Condition Of The Penis Getting Stuck In The Vagina

This condition is called penis captivus, and medics reveal that this is a rare occurrence. They reveal that this condition is so rare that anecdotal reports is the only way in which the doctors and health experts know how it happens.

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Another Similar Incident Was Reported

Another similar case of a musician cheating with another musician's wife was taken in a blanket, and a similar ritual of separating both was performed.

Story first published: Friday, January 25, 2019, 13:11 [IST]
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