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Video Alert: Her Throat Tumour Turned Out To Be A Living Leech Instead!

Though there are many microbes found in our human body, having an insect or a creepy crawling living orgasm under our skin can give us nightmares.

This is one such case that will leave you freaked out, especially when you see the video at the end of the article.

This is a bizarre case of a woman who had a living leech living under the throat of the woman.


The Entire Bizarre Discovery Was Captured On Camera

The giant leech was removed from the woman's throat in a bizarre, crazy surgery that was videotaped for medical studies.


The Incident Happened In Vietnam

The patient was a 63-year-old woman hailing from Ha Giang Province in Vietnam. She had arrived at the hospital and apparently had complained about the constant migraines that she had been suffering from the past three months.

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The Woman Was Diagnosed With Throat Tumour

Upon further inspection, the woman was diagnosed with a throat tumour and doctors decided to operate on her. During the surgery, the doctors were surprised to find a 2-inch leech living under the patient's throat.


The Leech Was Pulled Out From The Woman’s Throat

The doctors pulled out the leech from the patient's throat. The wriggly part about the whole thing is that the leech was still alive when it was pulled out before it was placed on the tray.

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How Did It Land There!

The doctors revealed that the leech was detected in time. If the patient would have delayed the treatment, then it would have attacked the sinuses of the patient. Apparently, the woman lived in a mountainous area and was believed to often bathe in spring waters. Hence, doctors concluded that she may have come into contact with the leech during a bath.

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