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A Vape Pen Explodes And Shatters Teen's Teeth

By Nia

Picking up bad habits is quite easy while giving them up can be quite a task. So when teens tend to pick up smoking and drinking habits, it gets difficult as they tend to try every possible measure to give them up.

Here is one such sad case of a teen who was left in the hospital after a vape pen exploded. Check out the details of the entire case as it has been shared in The New England Journal of Medicine to warn people about the potential dangers.

Check out the details.


Vape Pen Or The E-Cigarette Is A Hit Among Teens

According to a research conducted by the Surgeon General in 2016, the consumption of e-cigarette has increased by 900 per cent among teenagers from 2011 to 2015.


The Teen Insisted On Getting The Vape Pen

The 17-year-old teen insisted his mum on gifting him with a vape pen as he was keen on giving up on smoking. Unfortunately, he was left with injuries which looked like "close-range gunshot wounds." The injuries were caused after a vape pen exploded in his mouth.


His Injuries Were Severe

His injuries were so severe that he had to travel 400 km to get the right treatment. He had travelled from a small town in Nevada to a paediatric hospital in Utah.


The Treatment

The doctors had to remove some of his teeth and the damaged tissue. Since the damage was so severe, they had to even construct a mandibular maxillary fixation in his mouth. The boy has apparently recovered in a six-week span.


His Mum Did Not Wish To Gift Him The Pen

The distraught mum revealed that she had warned her son that the vape pen explodes and it is not safe, after she had checked for its review online. But since the boy insisted on having the vape pen, she gifted it to him. The incident happened after a month of him using it.


Mum Recalled The Scary Incident

Mum revealed that she heard a loud blast in her son's room and he was screaming in pain. When she entered the room she saw her son's face to be covered in blood and he even had a hole on the face. The medics have now shared his case details in a journal published in The New England Journal of Medicine warning about the potential dangers of a vape pen.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 13:30 [IST]
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