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Unheard Guinness World Records That Will Leave You Surprised

By Nia

How many Guinness World Records are you aware of? Every time, one hears the word Guinness, you usually think of people with the longest fingernails, longest hair, the most number of tattoos and the like.

But hold on, the list of Guinness World Records is much more than that!

Here in this article, we are sharing the list of some of the Guinness World Records that you would have never even heard of.

Check out the list as you will be amused with the infamous Guinness World Records out there.


Fastest 5-mt run on front paws by a dog!

This sounds crazy, but this is a real Guinness World Record created by a dog named ‘Konjo' from California, who can do a five-metre run on its front paws in just 2.39 seconds!


Largest Cappuccino

Locals of Altoga, Italy made a 4,250-litre cup of cappuccino on October 20, 2013! As per records, it took over 33 people and nine different coffee machines to make it happen.


The largest collection of rubber ducks

Charlotte Lee has collected various rubber ducks. As a result, she created the world record when she reached 5,631 ducks. The memorabilia is housed in a dedicated room, named 'Duck room'.


Spinning a basketball on a toothbrush

Sounds insane right? Well, this is a Guinness world record created on October 25, 2015, by a man going by the name Dipanshu Mishra, who spun a basketball on top of a toothbrush. This feat was achieved in only 42.92 seconds that too by just using his mouth.


Most number of high fives in a minute

This unusual record was created on April 21, 2016, in San Diego, California, by two men, Kaiser Permanente and Jason Verrett. They achieved a world record for the most ‘high fives' exchanged in a minute. They completed a ‘high five' course in just 40 seconds!


Most kisses received in 30 seconds

This record was set on July 16, 2017, when Florian Silbereisen was kissed by 25 Alba Dancers cheerleaders. He was kissed 74 times in just 30 seconds!


Toilet seats broken by the head in a single minute

Kevin Shelley holds this record as he broke 46 wooden toilet bowl seats with his head. And all this in just one minute! He created the record on September 1, 2007.

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