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Teen Becomes Mentally Disabled After Using Mobile Phone For Long Hours

By Nia

No matter how busy parents get with their work, giving the kids a mobile phone to suffice their absence is a big no-no!

Parents often give their kids tabs and mobile phones to entertain them with games and rhymes. But here is a case that will make you rethink that decision.

According to the reports, the incident happened in China and the boy is a 13-year-old kid from Zhejiang. The boy was gifted his first mobile phone just 6 months before he became almost mentally ill.

Since the boy's parents were busy with work, the mum decided to gift him the mobile phone. She gifted the boy the phone so they could stay in contact as she and her husband were often busy at work.

As per the reports, the boy played with the phone almost the entire day. Since he had been using the mobile phone for a few months, he would have made it a routine to spend most of his time on his phone.

It is said that the boy was at school when he suddenly went berserk and crazy. He started banging his head non-stop against a wall. His teacher tried stopping him and after a point, his mum was called. The situation got worse as his body became limp. His face started twitching and he was unresponsive to his mum's calls when she tried to wake him. The boy was rushed to the hospital and he was admitted in the hospital for 28 days.

It is said that even though the boy was kept in the hospital, his condition never improved and instead it became worse to such an extent that he became mentally disabled.

The 13-year-old boy had apparently started behaving like a baby as he couldn't walk or talk. He could not take care of himself. His case was later studied at the Department of Neurology and the Department of Rheumatology.

The medics conducted a detailed examination of the boy and studied his previous test reports and diagnosed him with Autoimmune Encephalitis. This is a condition of a new category of immune-mediated disease that involves the central nervous system which leads to cognitive impairment.

Once the boy was diagnosed with this condition, he was administered with medicine and treatment. As a result, the boy's condition finally began to improve. He was able to talk again and even recognise his parents. He was later discharged from the hospital.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 13:30 [IST]
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