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The Strange Case Of A Woman Who Sweats Blood

By Nia

Several medical cases make us wonder how they could even happen. This is one such rare case that actually happens one in 10 million individuals.

This is the case of a 21-year-old woman whose identity is not revealed. It is said that the woman was admitted to hospital with an extremely rare condition in which she sheds blood from her face and the palms of her hands instead of sweat!

Though this sounds unbelievable, it is a true and a rare condition that most people are unaware of. The Italian doctors who attended the woman were left puzzled when they examined the patient after she showed up with the bizarre symptom. The medics were even more shocked as the woman did not show any sign of skin lesions.

While examining the woman, the doctors revealed that there was no obvious reason as to why she had the spontaneous bleeding condition. They further revealed that this condition was worse when the woman slept or when she carried out any physical activity.

It is said that the woman's bleeding was most intense when she felt more stressed. Her case was reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

Elaborating about her condition, doctors reported that the patient had suffered from the unusual symptoms from the past three years and she would be in this condition for over one to five minutes. Due to this rare condition, the woman is said to have suffered emotionally and she had become more depressed and she was socially isolated.

The medics told that the test reports revealed that the woman's blood count and blood clotting function were regular and normal. She was eventually diagnosed with a condition named hematohidrosis. This is a condition that is believed to affect just one in 10 million people around the world.

Explaining about the treatment for her rare condition, doctors revealed that she was treated with propranolol which is a beta-blocker medication. This medicine helps to substantially reduce her symptoms but unfortunately, this has not completely stopped her suffering.

Though not much is known about its cause, it's thought to be a result of extreme stress or fear.

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