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Shocking Video Shows Man Getting Biggest Clump Of Earwax Removed

By Nia

It's rightly said that cleanliness is next to godliness. Being neat and clean can keep you away from diseases and other illnesses.

Removing your earwax is one of the most tedious and delicate things to do as using earbuds can be risky since it can push the wax deeper into the ears.

Here is one such case of a patient who's ears were almost blocked with the wax that was as long as the average size of the entire ear canal!

Check out the details.

Stomach-churning footage has been shared by an audiologist where he is seen extracting a huge chunk of ear wax from a patient's ear.

Neel Raithatha, the audiologist from Leicester, UK, was stunned when he finally removed the huge block of wax from the patient's ear.

In the video, both the doctor and his patient, could be heard gasping after removing the chunk of wax, which measured a whopping 2.5cm - the entire length of an average ear canal!

Apparently, the wax blockage had left the patient, scared to fly on planes, for fear of the pressure causing pain in his ears.

In the video, it is seen that the doctor scrapes away the layers of wax until the ear canal is finally cleared. He, later, uses a cup suction to remove the remaining chunk of wax in one entire piece.

The whole procedure was performed via an endoscope as the doctor examined the patient's inner ear cavity.

Mr Raithatha, the medic, who performed this procedure has over 43,000 subscribers on YouTube and is also popularly known as the "Wax Whisperer".

Check out the bizarre video of the wax removal here.

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