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Pictures That Were Taken Just Before Disaster Struck

Some pictures do not need an explanation as they talk on their own. Some of the pictures are epic as they have been captured just moments before tragedy struck.

Here, in this article, we bring in some of the most viral pictures that have been caught on camera just before tragedy struck.

These epic moments are gold as these will leave you in splits while some seem to be really scary.

Check them out...


The Flying Guy!

This guy has nothing to do with his motorcycle as it looks like he is trying to fly!

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Friends At Work Are Always Fun

Let's just hope the guy below is unarmed!


Playgrounds Are All About Playing

Guess these girls learnt their lesson the hard way around!


Wheeling Gone Wrong

Guess the phone call was more important than saving himself from the tragedy!


When This Photographer Was Shot At Directly

This young guy has a great aim! But we pity the poor cameraman as we are sure it broke the lens with the ball impact!

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Damn That Shot!

Poor guy looks so happy until he got hit by this ball!


God Save Him!

We only hope that it was a hot day!


Looks Painful!

Was he trying to barbecue himself for the party?


Cheap Glass Or Cheap Beer?

Holy crap! There was so much beer that got wasted here! Blame the glasses :(


Listen To Your Grandma!

The next time your grandma stops you from riding the ATV, do listen to her!

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The Belly Jump!

Wonder how painful this jump was!

All Image Source: Imgur

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