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Now Valentine's Day Is Called Sister's Day In This Country

Even though the Britishers have left India years back, there are a few things that Indians and Pakistanis feel are still British practices; one such example is the Valentine's Day celebration.

While the entire world paints everything red to mark the day, there have always been clashes and chaos created by moral goons who strongly feel that this day has been a Western culture influence.


With Valentine's Day approaching shortly, a University in Pakistan has decided to relabel the day as Sister's Day!

Check out the details of the same...


The University Is Rebranding Valentine's Day As ‘Sister's Day’

The University of Agriculture in Faisalabad, Central Punjab Province, Pakistan (UAF) has decided to rebrand the day as Sister's Day. The decision was made to change the Western culture practice and instead to promote ‘Eastern culture and Islamic traditions among the youth'.


The University Beliefs

"The university's vice chancellor Zafar Iqbal is quoted saying on the institution's website as: "In our culture, women are more empowered and earn their due respect as sisters, mothers, daughters and wives.""


They Believe The Youth Are Forgetting Their Culture!

Adding further about rebranding the day, the vice-chancellor said that the youth is forgetting their culture, and the Western culture was taking root in the society. Hence, they decided to come up with the idea of celebrating the day by distributing scarves, shawls and gowns that had the university's name printed on it.


What Do You Think Of This?

Though the day's celebrations are in full force as the management has already started collecting funds for the event, there has been a protest by the students and the other citizens across the country and people around the world. What is your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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