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Most Dangerous Animals In The World

By Nia

Have you ever wondered what are the most dangerous animals in the world? This is something that most of us overlook unless and until there is some news about an animal attack or so.

So, we are here to share the list of animals who are considered to be the most dangerous animals in the world.

Most of these animals do not look harmful or dangerous initially, but their immense power can make them the most dangerous animals.

We bet, the list might surprise you as the humans are the ones to top the list of the most dangerous animals. Check the list for more animals.



This might shock you, but did you know that we are the most deadly animals around the world? As we see, the cunning trait has allowed us to climb to the top of the food chain, we are the most competitive when it comes to survival. Using weapons has also given us an advantage over others.



Hyena is mostly known for its eerie laughter. It mainly eats the dead carcasses but when it is hungry it even hunts! It is often seen getting a taste for human flesh when human corpses are left out and are unburied. The researchers claim that it is one real killing machine that has a very harsh bite and they also have a real aggressive nature as well.


Cone Snail

Cone snail is more of a beach dweller than an ocean dweller. It is believed that a single drop of its venom is enough to easily kill over twenty adults. The sad fact about this is that there is no antivenom for it.


Box Jellyfish

Jellyfish is another deadly creature from the sea! It is said that even if you do survive a sting from this box jellyfish, you will be in severe pain for a very long time. But, facts reveal that there are more reports of death from the sting of this deadly sea dweller than the cases of survivals.


Cape Buffalo

People often mistake this animal to not being dangerous. But the fact is it really is! A cape buffalo can run at a speed of up to 40 miles per hour and it weighs around 2,000 pounds. They are very aggressive and they like to charge at victims with no provocation. So you can expect to get attacked by it at unexpected times!


Siafu Ants

These ants are better known as Drive Ants. These ants come in colonies of up to 50 million! If you accidentally kill any of their family members, it would take no time for them to attack you. Once they latch onto you with their powerful jaws, they are very hard to get off.

with the harmful weapons they have developed, unlike other animals in this world.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 15:25 [IST]
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