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Here's Why Mixing Cleaning Detergents And Bleach Can Kill You

By Nia

If you are one who regularly cleans your house, then you must be aware of the soaps and detergents used to clean the floor of the house to even the bleaches used to clean the toilets.

But did you know that mixing detergents and bleach can cause a deadly reaction that can actually kill you?

According to research by The National Poison Center of Malaysia, scientists have warned people against mixing cleaning formulas.

It is important that you avoid mixing bleach with any other cleaning agent or detergent as some house chemicals, which are harmful to our health.

The dangerous details of mixing the chemicals were shared by the Center on its official Facebook page.

The researchers revealed how dangerous the chemical mixing was by sharing details about a case involving a housewife, who apparently suffered severe poisoning when she mixed the toilet cleaning bleach that had Sodium Hypochlorite along with the floor cleaning liquid containing Hydrochloric Acid.

It is said that once the woman mixed the detergents and the bleach together, a chemical reaction occurred, which resulted in the production of the highly poisonous, Chlorine gas.

The bizarre greenish-yellow gas, which was produced instantly had caused symptoms like coughing, difficulty in breathing, pain in chest and throat, nausea, vomiting and also severe headache.

They revealed that if the woman had exposed herself for a longer period of time, these symptoms could have turned fatal.

This scary incident had prompted the researchers to make the public aware of the dangerous results it could have caused.

With the scary impact, we realise that we need to be more careful about not mixing the two liquids together. It could just be a deadly combination!

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