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Man Was So Drunk That He Swallowed His House Key

Drinking alcohol on occasions is fine, but if you are someone who drinks more than often, then you need to make sure your alcohol intake is such that you can handle yourself. But if you are unsure of your body's resistance to alcohol, then you need to control your intake.

Getting drunk and creating a ruckus is not a new thing. Well, if you are getting drunk and end up doing something that you just cannot remember, it can surely land you in trouble, just like this guy!

This is the case of a guy who got so drunk that he swallowed his house key and assumed that he had lost it! It was only when he felt uncomfortable and consulted a medic, he realised his grave mistake!

Check out all the details of this case.

This is the case of a 26-year-old man from China who is identified only by his surname Chang. Apparently, he went out for drinks with his friends, to celebrate the weekend.

When he got home after a party he realised that his house key was missing. He called out to people who were sleeping inside the house to let him in as he had lost the key.

The next morning, as the numbing effect of the alcohol started wearing off, he started experiencing sharp pain in his chest. He went to the nearby hospital to have it checked.

The medics were shocked to see a key lodged in Chang's oesophagus. When the medics enquired about it, he revealed that he had lost his house key the night before, but he had no explanation as to how the key ended inside his body!

It is reported that Chang was equally puzzled as the medics when he saw the X-ray as he could not remember what he did with the key as he was super drunk.

The doctors performed an immediate surgery on him as the key could not be removed through the natural process as it could tear the intestine. Even the endoscope method would rupture his oesophagus. Hence, the only option left was to surgically remove it.

Chang was lucky that the surgeons took out the key from his body at the right time but it still remains a mystery as to how the key landed up there!

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