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Man Undergoes Several Surgeries To Attain Skull Face

By Nia

There is a thin line between passion and craze. If you have a passion or a desired goal in life which seems out of the world, then you might be crazy and insane.

This article is about one such man who was always fascinated by skulls to such an extent that he decided to look like a real skull indeed!

Check out his unusual story.

Kalaca Skull is a 22-year-old famous tattoo artist from Colombia. He has been making headlines all over the world for his extreme looks for which he had to undergo extreme surgical procedures.

The young tattoo artist claimed that since he was a kid, he was always fascinated by skulls. But he decided to start turning his face into a real skull after his mum's death. Apparently, his mum had not approved of the idea while she was alive, this is why he did not do it initially.

The artist had to undergo several procedures to look like a perfect skull. He had to remove the lower half of his nose as skulls don't have noses! Since skulls don't have ears either, he got most of his ear lobes cut off as well! He even got his tongue split and got it tattooed to an unnatural blue-grey colour.

To look perfect, this insane artist even got large black eye-sockets tattooed around his eyes, and large teeth as well. He also got a hollow space tattoo created between the mandible and maxilla.

Well according to reports, Kalaca Skull is the first person in Colombia who had voluntarily undergone nose and ears mutilation. This decision of his is believed to have attracted the attention of the media.

He had to face a lot of criticism from the public as they failed to understand his weird passion of looking like a skull!

Despite the criticism, he has plans of undergoing a few more other procedures. He claims this transformation to be a dream come true for him!

Story first published: Friday, July 5, 2019, 18:30 [IST]
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