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Man Spends $30,000 To Look Like Michael Jackson

By Nia

Many of us are fans of celebrities. But what happens when you love a celeb to such an extent that you would like to do anything to just look like him/her?

Sounds crazy? Well, after reading about this youngster who wishes to look like Michael Jackson, you will realize how crazy people can be!

Check out the whole story below.

Leo Blanco, 22, is an Argentinian man who has spent over $30,000 on 11 different plastic surgeries. He has also undergone several other cosmetic procedures since the age of 15.

Leo claims that he wishes to become the ultimate Michael Jackson impersonator. He revealed that this act of his is a tribute act to the legendary King of Pop and this is why he is obsessed with looking exactly just like his hero.

Leo's mum claims that his mother is indeed worried about his transformation. She revealed that there are times when she looks at him sometimes and wonders if Leo is her actual son!

Leo claimed that his obsession with the singer started when he was a little kid. He decided that he wanted to look like his hero. Since then he has undergone 11 plastic surgeries and other procedures.

Leo admits that he is still not content and happy with his look as he still wishes to undergo the surgeries again to look perfect. He has attracted thousands of fans online and claims that people follow him around when he performs at shows or even on the street.

However, his mum warns him about his addiction to surgeries as she tells him that he shouldn't treat his procedures like 'going to the hairdresser'!

Even though Leo looks like Michael Jackson to a great extent he insists that there are many more changes he needs to undergo if he wishes to achieve his dream of being the best Michael Jackson impersonator!

Story first published: Tuesday, July 9, 2019, 16:30 [IST]