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Man Had Wooden Splinters Stuck In His Head For 5 Years!

By Nia

The bizarre case of a Chinese man is being shared by the medical staff to make people aware of the side effects of ignoring your injuries.

A man recently turned up at a hospital in Yunnan Province, China, after he suffered from a swollen eyelid and excruciating headache. The man himself was shocked to learn that his condition was caused by the several wooden pieces that had got stuck in his brain.

Wooden Splinters

The patient who is 41 years old apparently told the doctors that he had felt discomfort about two months ago. He realised something was wrong when an old scar on his right eyelid had caused new infection. His eye began to swell and over a period of time, his occasional headaches started getting worse.

The man was unable to bear the pain and this is when he finally decided to check himself at the hospital in Yunnan Province, China. A CT scan of his head revealed that the man had several pieces of wood stuck in his brain. The combined length of the splinters was 11 cm.

When the medics asked him how the splinters landed in his head, he recalled that he had an accident 5 years ago.

He revealed to the medics that while he was working in the woods in Mojiang County, he had apparently tripped and had fallen face first into a thick tree branch which had pierced his right eyelid and entered his eye socket.

While he had maintained his composure, he pulled out the stuck branch with his bare hand and then he tried to stop the bleeding from the injury. Since he did not experience any kind of vision problems, he didn't go to a hospital and instead let the wound heal by itself.

The man claimed that he was occasionally experiencing sharp pain and headaches since then. But he had been neglecting it thinking that it was not so serious.

Medics revealed that the man was lucky enough to have survived for so long with the splinters in his brain. There was a high chance of the wooden pieces hitting any of the important blood vessels or nerves. As luck was by his side, the splinters had actually migrated all the way to his cerebellum. The man's headaches started to worsen after the splinters had caused an infection.

Wooden Splinters

Image courtesy: Chinanews

When doctors discovered his condition, he was advised to undergo surgery immediately as delaying it could leave him blind and lead to other health conditions.

The man and his wife were reluctant to give their consent because they feared that the operation would make the man go blind. Though it took the medics a while to convince them, the couple agreed later.

The operation was a success and the doctors had extracted several pieces of wood from his brain. The man recovered in a couple of days.

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