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Sight of Bizarre Alien-Like Creature Stumps Man

By Nia

Creepy crawling insects and worms often give us goosebumps. People cannot handle the sight of them.

But what happens when you get to see something that looks completely alien to the insect and worms category?

Images courtesy: Viral Press

Well, before fainting, here we share you a case of a man who found a bizarre 'alien-like' winged creature.

Check out the whole story.

Apparently, a bizarre creature which was found in a home in Indonesia is causing bafflement.

The man, who goes by the name, Hari Toae, had apparently noticed this 'alien-like' creature scurrying across the ceiling in his home in Bali.

Hari explained that the creature had two wings, four tentacles of varying lengths and it seemed to appear as though it was moving upside down. It looked like the legs of the insect was holding on to the ceiling.

Explaining more about the creature, he added that it was something that he had never seen before. Hince Hari was unable to identify the winged critter, he joked that it 'looked like an alien'!

While people were also confused about the species of the creature, it was later discovered to belong to the moth species.

Even though the answer remains unclear about the exact species, it was found out that it could be a part of a family of moths called the Arctiinae.

The bizarre creature seemed to share certain characteristics with a species named Creatonotos gangis, which is mostly a native of South-east Asia and Australia.

Images courtesy: Viral Press

Hari, however, let it stay since he didn't want to scare his guests away and the creature also looked like it needed a safe place to stay, away from the rain. But, only for that particular night.

Whatever the species is or however, scary it might have come across, we must say that Hari is a brave man for sheltering such a creepy creature for the whole night!

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