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Man Ate Expired Food For One Year!

By Nia

The first thing that we do while shopping groceries is look for the expiry dates of the products. We avoid picking up foods that are nearing the expiry date. We also buy foods in a limited quantity for items that have shorter shelf life.

Well, after reading this article, you will change your mind about the expiry date concept of foods. Check out the details of a study done by a man who intentionally ate products that had surpassed the expiry dates!

He did not eat these expired products once, twice or thrice but instead for over a year! The interesting bit is that his family was supportive of his decision as they also consumed products that had surpassed the expiry dates.

This man from Maryland has been trying to raise awareness about the myths of expiration dates on products. To prove people wrong that the expired products are unhealthy, he ate them for a whole year and lived to tell the tale.

Scott Nash is the man behind the whole idea of the unusual experiment of consuming the expired food. It all started after he ate a yoghurt past its expiration date. Apparently, he had forgotten the yoghurt in the fridge.

The yoghurt had already passed its expiration date by six months. It did not stop him from mixing it with his smoothie. Scott claimed that the yoghurt did not taste funny and nor did he experience any sort of health problems after consuming it. This is when he started thinking about how companies make use of expiration dates nowadays.

Scott, the 'staunch environmentalist' and also the owner of MOM's Organic Market, gave a serious thought on experimenting with it.

In his blog, he shared the entire experience of consuming expired food products. He revealed that the Food Product Dating system for food needs to be revised as this would have a huge impact on the food industry.

During the year-long experiment, Scott and his family ate food that had expired. He revealed that yoghurt that was seven, eight or nine months past date or even the meat which was weeks past their expiration dates were consumed by the family and they were all healthy.

He claimed that they even used the butter which had become mouldy after it was left for months in the fridge. All that he did was just scrape off the mould before using it for cooking.

He warned the people about the 'planned obsolescence' which is a strategy that food production houses use to encourage consumers to throw away perfectly good products so that they could buy the new ones.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 3, 2019, 17:30 [IST]